The Most Common Problems Requiring Air Conditioner Repair in St. Louis, MO

Now that we’re preparing to enter the hottest part of the year, the last thing you want to have happen is an air conditioner breakdown. Unfortunately, air conditioners tend to break down right at the worst possible times, when the heat and humidity are unbearable, largely because that’s the time of year that places the greatest strain on them.

You can avoid many of the more expensive and involved forms of air conditioner repair simply by keeping up with preventative maintenance. However, there are some problems that will force you to call a professional to come and provide you with air conditioner repair in St. Louis, MO. Here are a few of those most common issues:

  • Bad wiring: Bad wiring is usually a problem with installation. Shoddy wiring is often the result of using uncertified installation professionals to set up your air conditioning, and can be hazardous if left unresolved for long periods of time. In certain circumstances, it could cause fires to break out in your system, but at the very least it will prevent the system from running smoothly, possibly causing power to go in and out or your circuit breaker to regularly trip. The wiring might have other issues that have caused it to wear down over time.
  • Outside fan not spinning: The outside fan takes the heat from inside your home and pushes it outside. If the fan isn’t spinning properly or otherwise working, you won’t get the heat transfer that is so important in cooling your home. This could cause the compressor in your air conditioning unit to overheat and cause the safety feature to trip. There’s also the chance it could cause some expensive damage to your compressor. So if you experience problems with the fan in the outside unit not working properly, you should have a service professional take a look at the unit as soon as possible.
  • Low refrigerant: The Freon refrigerant in your unit cools the air inside your air conditioning system. Lower levels of refrigerant could potentially indicate there’s a leak in the system, or some other problem to address. If you need to replace your refrigerant regularly, the leak issue becomes even more likely. You should have a service professional come and find the leak and repair it immediately.
  • The coil freezes: Frozen coils in an air conditioning unit usually indicate there’s an issue with the airflow, such as problems with clogged air filters or buildups of debris in the return air ducts. There’s also a chance it could be a sign of low refrigerant, but you should check the other issues first.
  • House not getting cool: There are many issues that could cause your air conditioning to simply not work properly or efficiently, so to figure out the root cause, you’ll need to have a technician come and look over the system.

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