How to Minimize Air Conditioner Repair in St. Louis, MO this Summer

It seems like every summer, there comes a point where you’re trapped inside for days at a time, waiting for a heat wave to pass with nothing but your home’s air conditioning system to keep you comfortable. It’s during these scorching periods that you can ill afford a breakdown from your AC, but unfortunately, it’s during stretches of heavy use where you’re more likely than ever to experience failure.

Keeping your AC unit functioning in top shape during peak periods of use isn’t just about maintaining it to its fullest before the season starts—it’s also about ensuring your home is supporting its function in every possible capacity. Take a look at a few ways you can help minimize the potential for breakdowns and air conditioner repair in St. Louis, MO this summer and why these things go a long way towards supporting your unit’s overall efficiency:

  • Take stock of your home’s windows and make sure there are no gaps between the frame and the wall and no misalignments in the tracks. These small problem areas can allow warm air to intrude into your home, forcing your AC unit to work harder than it needs to when it comes to controlling the interior temperature.
  • If you have sun shades, blinds or curtains, consider using them on particularly sunny days. Ambient heat can stream into your home through UV rays, causing your interior temperature to rise, thus making your AC unit work double time to keep up. Closing the curtains, shades or blinds will mitigate UV light, thus mitigating climbing temperatures.
  • Control the traffic in and out of your home as much as possible. Each time you open the door, you’re letting out far more cool air than you thin and letting in a substantial amount of warm air. Again, your AC unit is going to have to keep up.
  • Keep foliage and growth away from your AC unit! All it takes is a small tree branch to hang into the fan and you’ve got yourself a costly air conditioner repair in St. Louis, MO and a unit that’s not going to function at a high level until the repair is made. Keeping foliage off of the unit will also extend its overall lifespan.
  • Switch your fans! This is something many homeowners forget to do when the seasons change, however remembering means assisting your AC unit in keeping your home’s temperature cooler. The blades of your fan should rotate counterclockwise during the summer months, to force air downwards in a cooling fashion.

You’d be surprised at how all of the above things, when used in conjunction with one another, can alleviate a major burden on your AC unit and keep it functioning at a normal capacity during the summer months. In working with your unit, rather than against it, you can help stave off breakdowns and air conditioner repair in St. Louis, MO that might leave you in an unfortunate situation when triple digit temperatures are on the horizon.