Keeping Filters Clean Is an Important Part of Air Conditioning Service in St. Louis, MO

Making sure to keep air filters clean as a regular part of your air conditioning service in St. Louis, MO goes a long way in conserving the health of your unit. But can something as basic as keeping your air filters clean really have a meaningful impact on your entire air conditioning system?

Why is it so important to keep air filters clean?

If you have an air filter that is sitting with dirt and grime on it, many aspects of your entire air conditioning system could be affected. Your air conditioner may be working at far less than its full potential, which will have a direct effect on the temperatures that you feel inside your home. If the dirt blows back into the condenser that sits outside and gets onto the cooling coils, frost can build up and hamper the operation of both the coils and the fans.

When this happens, the air conditioning unit will ultimately have to work harder to overcome these impaired internal components, which spells trouble for your energy bill. If the air flow is restricted for too long, the air conditioning system could be weakened significantly, and might need to be replaced much sooner than expected.

If the air blows the opposite way, into your home, the quality of air that you and your family are breathing will suffer greatly. The dust and allergens that will be blown into your home could cause health problems for everyone inside, pets included. As a result of the bad air quality, members of your family may experience headaches or chest tightness or have to deal with lingering cold symptoms and their complications with greater frequency. Those with pre-existing respiratory issues, such as asthma or allergies, could experience heightened irritation as a result, and they may not be able to stay in the home without getting sick.

The quality of air you breathe has a direct correlation with your quality of life, so keeping your air filter clean will lead to a healthier, happier time at home.

How often should you change your air filter?

How often you change your air filter will depend on which type of filter you use. Newer filters include innovative technology that slows dirt buildup, so there isn’t much danger of the buildup becoming so severe that it completely blocks the airflow. The main issue, however, is that the longer the dirt remains on the filter, the longer the dirt will pollute the air. Electronic filters should be changed every six months at a minimum. Another commonly used filter is the electrostatic filter, which needs to be changed every three to six months. A third filter that is relatively common is the HEPA filter. Because this filter is extremely efficient and collects a lot of dirt and dust regularly, it should be checked at least once a month.

Even taking these guidelines into account, it is still a good idea to check the filter frequently, even in between the scheduled cleaning intervals. Allowing filters to remain uncleaned greatly compromises the ability of the filter to work properly, which subsequently alters the output of the entire air conditioning unit. If you do find that your air conditioning system doesn’t seem to be operating as effectively as it should be, call the team at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling for air conditioning service in St. Louis, MO and make sure you are getting the most out of your unit.