How to Keep Cool While Waiting for Residential Air Conditioning Service in St. Louis, MO

When it comes to HVAC breakdowns, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive any notice. And the thing is that, if your AC is going to break, it’ll happen when you need it the most—during the warm spring months and hot summer days. Higher outdoor temperatures mean the demand for AC technicians to make repairs will be higher. So, how do you go about maintaining your composure when your AC is trying your patience?

Here are some ways to keep your home and yourself comfortably cool while waiting for air conditioning service in St. Louis, MO:

  • Use fans: If you have ceiling fans, portable room fans or a whole-house fan, use them! Running a fan is an extremely effective and convenient way to keep the rooms in your house cool without air conditioning. Even if the fans only make a room a few degrees cooler, that’s enough to make being inside bearable. Make sure ceiling fans are set to blow air downward to create a breeze, and power on whole-house fans during the coolest parts of the day.
  • Open the windows at night: Run your whole-house fan at night to pull cold air into your house, but turn it off and close the windows early in the morning to trap cool air inside. If you don’t have a whole-house fan, you can put fans in the windows in the evenings to draw in cool air from outside. Create a cross breeze by cracking other windows in the room and house, but use your best judgment to avoid making matters worse.
  • Reduce indoor heat: One of the best ways to make a room cool without the AC or fans is to reduce interior heat gain. Without cool air from an AC to offset the heat, using the stove, oven, dishwasher, dryer and other appliances that generate heat can cause your home to become sweltering. While waiting for an air conditioner repair technician to come, eat food cold or prepared in the microwave and wait until the evening to use the washer, dryer and dishwasher.
  • Block out outside heat: It goes without saying that covering the windows in your home is an effective way to reduce heat and sunlight coming in from outside, so draw those shades closed when the sun is out! Hang thick, dark curtains with white reflective backings, especially in rooms that face the sun.
  • Wear breathable clothing: You can cool yourself down day and night by dressing in lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. Since your air conditioner is out, you are going to sweat, but perspiration that forms on light and loose clothing will more quickly evaporate. Wear heavier or tighter clothing and all that perspiration will get trapped.
  • Stay hydrated: Make sure to drink plenty of cold water and eat healthy foods that are mostly water, like cucumbers, celery, watermelon and grapes.

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