An HVAC To-Do List for Winter

As you make your final preparations for the approaching winter, making sure that your HVAC system is ready for the season is undoubtedly one of your top priorities. If not, you could find yourself without heat at a time when you will need it most. To avoid this fate and prevent the need for emergency HVAC service in St. Louis, MO, here is a to-do list to follow for your system this winter:

  • Check for proper ventilation: Double check that all of the vents and registers of your system are open. Although this might seem like a small step to take, the inefficiency and potential damage that can be caused to the heat pump, furnace and HVAC system overall when the vents are closed and the system is running can take its toll. You should also dust the vents to make sure that debris doesn’t fall into the registers and affect the flow and quality of the treated air.
  • Change air filters: Making sure to change your filters regularly will also help to maintain the airflow in your home, in addition to ensuring that the quality of the air is suitable for your family. Dirty air filters will force your HVAC system to work harder than it normally does, which can eventually lead to premature wear in some of the system’s key components. It is recommended that the filter is changed at the beginning of every season at the very least, with pet owners encouraged to make the change monthly.
  • Carbon monoxide detector: As an added measure of precaution, all homes should have carbon monoxide detectors, as this dangerous gas is both colorless and odorless. Because carbon monoxide is so difficult to detect, homeowners could be ingesting fumes unknowingly. This makes it all the more important to either purchase a detector right away or change the batteries in the one that you have to make sure it is in working condition.
  • Furniture arrangement: Make sure that the furniture in your home is placed so that you aren’t sitting in drafty areas, or obstructing vents. If your furniture is blocking your vents and restricting the amount of air that enters a room, you will likely be tempted to turn up the temperature without giving it much thought. Simply rearranging the furniture can help you keep the room temperate at all times, and will help you save money on your energy bills in the process.

The most important part of caring for your furnace is scheduling regular checkups with an HVAC professional, and that is where our team at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling can step in. For nearly 20 years we have helped homeowners in the area get ready for the winter with superior HVAC service in St. Louis, MO, and our trusted technicians are ready to help you with the routine maintenance and repairs your system needs to make it through another season. Don’t get caught in the cold this winter—give us a call to schedule your appointment today!