Does Indoor Air Quality Really Make a Difference?

Car exhaust, smog, pollen and other air pollutants make outdoor air quality a big topic of discussion. What we don’t talk about a lot, though, is the quality of the air inside your home. Does it matter as much as the air quality outside? The answer, simply put, is yes! Keep reading to learn more about indoor air quality and the benefits of furnace cleaning in St. Louis, MO.

The benefits of good indoor air quality

First things first, why do people put such a premium on good indoor air quality? Here are a few of the top reasons, other than just wanting a happy and healthy home:

  • Reduced allergens: Pollen, dust, pet dander and other allergens in the air make life miserable for everyone who is susceptible to their effects. You can mitigate these allergy problems by keeping your indoor air as clean as can be.
  • Fewer breathing problems: Itchy eyes and runny noses make life uncomfortable, but anyone with asthma or other breathing problems can be in serious jeopardy. Ensure your loved ones are safe and won’t have trouble breathing by keeping allergens out of the air.
  • Lower energy bills: Dirty air nearly guarantees that you’re going to pay more each month for your heating and cooling bills. If your air filters are clogged from debris and contaminants in the air, your HVAC system will have to work harder to produce air, meaning it’ll use up more energy.

How can I boost my air quality?

We have good news for you if your indoor air quality is poor right now: it’s pretty easy to fix. Follow the tips below, and we suspect you’ll be breathing much easier very soon:

  • Clean your furnace: Think about it—a clean furnace pumps out clean air. Scheduling annual furnace cleaning in St Louis, MO is one of the best ways to keep your air pristine as can be. Fall is the best time to have your furnace cleaned, but it’s never too late to give us a call for cleaning or general maintenance.
  • Change your filters: Having your furnace cleaned once a year will undoubtedly help produce clean air, but in addition to scheduling cleaning, you’ll also need to swap out your air filter each month. Air filters trap pollutants from entering your home and, as you can imagine, they get pretty dirty as you run your furnace. As filters get dirty, they become less effective and eventually useless.
  • Open the windows: This one is easy—just open up your windows from time to time! Keeping your windows open for a little bit will let nice fresh air in while getting rid of stale, dirty air. Just be sure to put screens on all of your windows. Opening screen-less windows will just let more pollutants (like dust and pollen) inside, not to mention insects.

Whether you need an HVAC inspection, tune-up or furnace cleaning in St. Louis, MO, be sure to call Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling. We’re pleased to be your go-to team for all of your heating and cooling needs.