Signs You Need to Update Your AC Unit

Though we may be approaching the end of the summer, we still have some hot days ahead of us. If you’ve been experiencing some issues with your air conditioner, now may be a good time to get your unit replaced, as there is less demand toward the end of the season.

Not every issue with an air conditioner is a sign that it needs to be replaced. Sometimes you’re more than capable of repairing the problem and continuing to use the unit. However, eventually you will get to a point where you’ve invested too much in AC maintenance and repairs for the age of the equipment, and will need to make an AC upgrade in St. Louis, MO.

Here are just a few of the telltale signs you need to update your AC unit:

  • High energy bills: Have you noticed a sharp increase in how much you’re paying on your monthly energy bills? This could be a sign that your air conditioner is no longer operating as efficiently as it once did. An upgrade can help you find more energy-efficient equipment that will save you a significant amount of money each month on your utility payments.
  • Issues with airflow: If you’re having a problem getting a sufficient amount of cool air to flow through your vents, this is an obvious problem with your air conditioner. You should be able to get cold air coming through the vents within a couple minutes after you adjust your thermostat. If not, there could be a problem with your piping or ductwork restricting the airflow, or with some of the mechanical parts of your air conditioning unit.
  • Strange sounds: While it’s completely normal for an air conditioner to make a constant humming sound during operation, there are some sounds that should be cause for concern, such as clanging, banging, scraping or grinding. So, if you notice any of these sounds popping up in your air conditioning system that did not exist before, it’s important that you have a professional come and inspect the system and determine if it’s an issue that can be repaired.
  • Strange odors: There should never be a smell associated with your air conditioning system—it should be clean and odor free. However, there are some cases where problems within an air conditioning system can manifest themselves in a smoky or burning smell. In some cases, mold or mildew issues can cause a musty odor that emanates from the vents during AC usage.
  • Moisture buildup: Speaking of mold or mildew, they are likely to form if you’re having any issues with moisture in the system. While there’s always going to be moisture in AC units, there shouldn’t be any leakages or excessive moisture.
  • Fluid leak: If you see a refrigerant leak coming from the system, this could be a sign of significant problems with your air conditioner and could become dangerous to people or pets.

For more information about some of the most common problems that could indicate it’s time for AC maintenance in St. Louis, MO, or to schedule an air conditioning repair appointment, reach out to Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling today.