Top Three Reasons to Perform AC Maintenance Before Summer

Doing some spring cleaning around the house? Many homeowners find that giving their home a complete physical inside and out is the best way to prepare for the summer months ahead. Air conditioning maintenance is just one task all St. Louis, MO homeowners should complete. Here are the top three reasons why performing AC maintenance before the summer can improve the efficiency of your unit and ensure your home stays comfortable throughout the warm-weather months.

You’ll have peace of mind the very first time you turn on your unit

One of the key reasons why you should complete AC maintenance before the summer is that the weather in St. Louis, MO can be unpredictable. You could experience very hot temperatures even before the official start of the summer season. Even if your air conditioning system worked perfectly at the end of the warm season last year, there are plenty of things that could affect the system in the winter.  If you want your unit to start up at the very first sign of hot and humid temperatures, you should have an experienced technician take a look at the unit in the springtime and perform any necessary repairs.

You’ll avoid costly repairs

Air conditioning systems can last a very long time if they’re properly maintained, but replacing the system entirely can be a huge expense that you’ll want to avoid. When you schedule annual inspections in the spring, your technician can spot minor issues that could turn into something bigger down the road. Not only will you avoid the costs of replacing your air conditioner and all of its components, but you’ll also avoid the need for emergency repair service. As you can imagine, air conditioning technicians are busiest during the warm summer months. Instead of paying a premium for emergency services in the summer—and being without a working air conditioner in hot weather—be smart and schedule a spring inspection.

You’ll increase the efficiency of your system

Staying comfortable during the summer doesn’t always come cheap. Running an air conditioning system can be costly if your unit isn’t working at maximum efficiency. When you schedule AC maintenance before the summer, your technician will clean the unit and make sure all of its components are in good functioning condition. It will be much easier for you to keep your home cool even in the hottest of temperatures, and your unit won’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable. Maintaining your system is the best way to lower your monthly utility bills—it’s a small investment that saves you money.

When the weather gets hot in St. Louis, MO, a working air conditioning system is something you really can’t live without. By scheduling yearly AC maintenance before the summer, you reduce your chance of needing costly repairs or replacement, and you’ll be sure your system is ready to kick on as soon as you need it. Contact Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling today to schedule routine maintenance service and keep your air conditioning system in excellent condition.