Signs You Should Upgrade Your AC Unit

Have you noticed several issues with your air conditioner? Is it no longer blowing cool air? Are there strange sounds coming from the vents? Has your energy bill gone up? While there’s often a simple solution to most of these issues, they could also signal the need for a new AC unit. This is especially true if your AC unit requires expensive repairs.

There are plenty of signs it’s time to upgrade the AC unit in your St. Louis, MO home. Read on to learn about some of these signs, and contact a local HVAC technician when you’re ready to upgrade!

Your AC unit isn’t working like it used to

Warm air coming from your AC unit and poor airflow could mean it’s time to replace your air filter. If replacing your air filter doesn’t work, however, it’s probably time to upgrade your AC unit. It’s also a good idea to have your ducts checked for any blockages before buying a new air conditioner.

Your AC unit is getting up there in age

As your AC unit gets older, the chance of it breaking increases. On average, AC units last around 15 years. Before your AC unit breaks down completely due to old age, you’ll want to consider investing in a replacement. Older units also require more frequent repairs, the cost of which can quickly add up.

Weird smells or sounds

Certain noises and smells coming from your AC unit could signal the need for a repair or upgrade. A burning smell, for example, often means your AC unit is on the brink of a breakdown. Strange smells could also mean mold has started to grow within your air conditioner or your ductwork. Let your HVAC professional determine whether the smells coming from your AC unit are cause for concern.

Sounds like grinding and scraping often mean important parts of your AC unit aren’t working. If your unit needs repairs, be sure to have them taken care of as soon as possible. The longer you put off repairs, the higher the risk of your AC unit breaking down.

Finding a new AC unit

Other signs it is time to upgrade the AC unit in your St. Louis, MO home include higher energy bills and the need for frequent repairs. There are plenty of options these days when it comes to AC units. Determining the right one for your home all depends on your specific needs and wants. Most people prefer upgrading to an energy-efficient AC unit, as these often help save plenty of money on energy bills.

To determine whether you truly need a new AC unit, it’s best to speak with a good HVAC company in your area. It’s especially important to speak with an expert before the summer months arrive. You don’t want your AC unit to stop working on a hot day, leaving you without cool air for an indefinite period of time.

Contact the experts at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling if you’re looking for a new AC unit or need repairs to your existing one. We’re pleased to provide quick and efficient HVAC services at fair prices.