The Real Use for Ceiling Fans

Summer is here, and that means you may be retreating indoors to enjoy the comfort of central air. But the downside to every HVAC system is that the air inside the home is likely to become stuffy and stale.

Did you know that there’s a simple way to improve air quality inside the home? The fact is that ceiling fans improve air circulation, which can help you breathe better and get better sleep.

Using ceiling fans for air circulation

Many people believe that ceiling fans are designed to cool down a room. They can have that effect, but their true purpose is to improve air circulation in whichever room they’re used in. This creates the illusion that the room is actually a few degrees cooler.

Ceiling fans work by creating a breeze that removes moisture from your skin—it’s that artificial breeze that creates a cooling sensation. Hot air and heat have nowhere to go once they reach the ceiling, so running ceiling fans counterclockwise during the summer can help with heat management.

Then in the winter, you can reverse the blades to mix and distribute the cold air at the bottom of the room with the hot air that rises to the top of the room. Consequently, you can save money on your cooling costs in the summer and on your heating costs in the winter by using ceiling fans.

Other fans

Ceiling fans improve air circulation, which can have health benefits and save energy. But let’s say you don’t have ceiling fans installed in your home—you can still reap the benefits of air circulation through the use of other fans. Here are some of the most common:

  • Desk and tabletop fans: These are smaller fans that allow you to cool down the area around a workspace. This is a great solution for tight spaces and can provide some additional air circulation.
  • Pedestal fans: This is a rotating, standing fan that often includes adjustable height. It’s perfect to use in hallways and in front of windows. The oscillating action is ideal to circulate air throughout any medium- or large-sized room.
  • Exhaust fans: If you’re looking for an option designed for air circulation, an exhaust fan is a good choice. These fans are designed to circulate and remove stale air, smoke, mildew, mold or odors. These are typically installed in the bathroom or kitchen to remove particles from the air. It’s important to regularly change the air filters on exhaust fans to ensure they’re not circulating dirty air throughout the home.

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