Benefits of HVAC Zoning

HVAC zoning offers a great way to save energy and money by controlling the temperatures in specific areas or zones. But what is HVAC zoning?

Below, we cover the basics of HVAC zoning as well as its many benefits. Read on if you’re considering HVAC zoning and would like to know more.

What is HVAC zoning?

As mentioned above, HVAC zoning allows one to control the temperature of certain areas of the home. This can help increase comfort and energy efficiency throughout the home by creating customized temperature zones. Many homes have one centralized thermostat that controls the temperature for the entire space, though this can sometimes make things uncomfortable.

Two-story homes, for example, may experience cooler temperatures upstairs, and turning up the heat could make it unbearably warm downstairs. An HVAC zoning system uses dampeners to redirect air in the home, thus preventing uncomfortable temperatures. In a zoning system, each zone of the home has its own dampener and thermostat.

Why should I invest in HVAC zoning?

There are many benefits of HVAC zoning. As we’ve already mentioned, it’ll make your home much more comfortable. Controlling the temperature throughout your entire home (especially during winter and summer) can be extremely difficult. With HVAC zoning, however, you can easily control the temperature in each separate zone.

One of the best things about HVAC zoning is that it helps save energy. Do you plan on spending all day in bed? Then there’s no point in wasting energy by heating or cooling your entire home. Simply adjust the thermostat for the zone with your bedroom, and enjoy comfort all day. This can help drastically lower energy bills. Plus, it’s better for the environment.

How much does HVAC zoning cost?

One of the first things people wonder when considering HVAC zoning is the cost of installation. The cost of installation can vary based on many different factors, including the number of zones in your home; however, the average cost of installation is usually somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000. If your home has four zones or more, the price could increase a little past $3,000.

Some people avoid installing an HVAC zoning system because of the initial costs; however, a good HVAC zoning system can help you save plenty of money in the long run by lowering energy costs. Working with a reputable HVAC contractor will ensure you get a good price for the system.

Have your HVAC zoning system installed professionally

While it’s possible to install an HVAC zoning system on your own, this is never a good idea. Improperly installing the zoning system could result in major usage issues. Even if you’re trying to save money, it’s best to contact a professional to install your HVAC zoning system. Trying to install one on your own could result in a mistake that requires professional repairs anyway.

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