Is My Air Conditioning Going Out? Here’s How To Tell

Your air conditioner is one of those devices you have to watch so it doesn’t die or fail when you need it most. These are some of the most common signs that you might need air conditioning repair:

Your Home Never Cools Off Enough

You might need an air conditioner repair or replacement if you notice that your home never cools off enough. A number of issues could be going on with your AC unit. Dirty filters can restrict airflow, or a clog could also exist in the condenser. Low coolant is another reason AC units stop cooling, but they usually indicate an underlying problem. Another issue likely to cause cooling problems is that your home has insufficient insulation. That has nothing to do with the air conditioner itself, but you should have someone inspect and resolve it to get maximum results after your AC repair. 

You Have a Large Electric Bill

Another sign that your AC unit needs to be serviced or maintained is when you receive high electricity bills. A rise in the electricity bill might mean that your air conditioner is trying too hard to operate. That could be a minor issue like dirt or something more extensive like an issue with the condenser coils. It’s best to have an AC tech look at it and help you get it back in top shape. 

You Notice Water on the Floor

Water leaks indicate that something is wrong with the drain pan area. The condensation pan may have eroded, which is common in older units. Leaks can also occur when the coils freeze. That issue often occurs when the coolant is low.

Sometimes, a bad installation can cause an AC unit to leak as well.  In that situation, an AC expert might solve the problem by doing a re-install for you. In the worst scenario, you might need to have something replaced, but the technician can save your unit.

The most crucial step is to clean the water so that it doesn’t cause water damage, degradation, or mildew on your floors or carpets. Try to find something to catch or absorb the water while waiting for the technician to arrive.  

The Unit Goes in and Out of Operation

You might notice that your air conditioner turns off randomly, or worse yet, it turns off and on. The latter issue is called short-cycling, and it happens because of air filter problems, coolant leaks, and faulty thermostats. Thus, it’s best to get in touch with a reliable AC repair company quickly so that someone can investigate it. 

An air conditioner that cuts off and doesn’t cut back on is likely to have an electrical issue. The power supply may be going out, or something else has gone awry. You’ll need to check your outlets and breakers before you contact a repair person to ensure the problem isn’t on your side. 

Those are a few signs you might need a little help with your air conditioner. However, there’s no need to stress over an air conditioning not working. You can contact a reputable repair company to get help with it today.