Tips to Minimize the Strain on Your AC in the Summer

Summers can bring sweltering weather that ravages your entire HVAC system if you let it. However, you can get on top of it now by implementing a few practices to minimize the strain. These are five tips for keeping your unit stable and productive for summer air conditioning:

1. Keep up with your air conditioning maintenance. 

Many AC units meet their demise because the owner fails to schedule regular maintenance. Processes such as filter replacement, coil cleaning, and moveable part lubrication are crucial to extending the life of your unit. You can get a couple more seasons or years out of your AC system by giving it some extra TLC today. 

2. Keep the cool air inside your home. 

You can also remove some of the burdens from your AC unit by doing your best to keep the chilled air inside your home. These are a few tips for doing that:

Keep doors and windows shut.

Most people let the cold air out by leaving windows cracked and opening doors unnecessarily. You can preserve a tremendous amount of cool air by being mindful of those components. 

Close the blinds.

Closing your blinds can help block the sunlight, which will prevent additional heat from seeping into your cold environment. 

Consider using blackout blinds.

Think about investing in blinds that completely block the sunlight. You’ll most likely gain a few cool degrees by doing so. 

Ensure that your home is well-insulated.

Have someone inspect your home for insulation breaches before the summer months start. That way, you won’t lose any comfort or money during peak season. 

Microwave foods instead of oven-cooking them.

Oven usage will annihilate the cold air quickly, but you can use an alternative cooking method to preserve it. Microwaving and outside grill cooking are two effective alternatives. 

Have a chilled beverage.

Indulge in a delicious smoothie or a gigantic glass of water. This tip won’t help you trap any cool air inside, but it will frost your body and make you feel fantastic.  

3. Alternate AC time and fan usage.

Using fans can help you minimize the strain on your AC system. You may want to consider giving your air conditioner a break every few hours and substituting it with ceiling and floor fans. You’ll enjoy the breeze you get from those fans if you’ve trapped the cool air inside your home successfully.

Old-school hand-operated fans can be a good substitute if you’re concerned about cutting your electricity costs. You can find them online or in a few department stores and from traditional churches. 

4. Consider using smart technology.

Smart thermometers and mobile phone apps can help you control how much work your air conditioner does. You can use them to turn off your AC unit when you do not use it. For example, you can program it to turn your system off when you’re at work or out running errands. The latest systems also offer convenient ways to turn the unit back on before you arrive home again. 

Use the tips above to keep yourself and your family chilled without breaking your HVAC system. Your summers will be happier that way.