Top 10 Furnace Brands 2022

The center of any home heating system is the furnace. The system ensures that the indoor environment remains warm even when temperatures are below freezing. This is why choosing a replacement or new furnace that works efficiently to heat your home without any outrageous heating bills is important. Here are the best furnaces to buy.

Top Furnace Brands

The most efficient furnaces are ones that you can rely on when temps become unstable. Here are the top 10 furnace brands in 2022.


Lennox is known for being available in many options, such as noise-reducing features with different blower motors. Price ranges can be pretty low or pretty high depending on the actual model you purchase. They can operate quietly while running at up to 98.7 percent efficiency.


Trane gas furnaces have been around since the late 1800s. Trane is known as one of the industry’s top heating and cooling companies. They can be pretty expensive, but they have been tested for their long-lasting performance and durability. If you are looking for a furnace with an efficiency rating of up to 96 percent, Trane is an excellent investment.


Goodman furnace products consist of solid build quality and are extremely durable. Goodman companies also offer various warranty programs that can assist in safeguarding the system again any unexpected issues. Goodman furnaces also make a great choice because they have 98 percent efficiency.

American Standard

American Standard furnaces are known for being quiet and durable. However, they may cost more than other brands but won’t require as many repairs or maintenance as other furnaces. This gas furnace significantly surpasses government efficiency standards and has a rating of 97.3 percent.


Amana is owned by Goodman and contains reliable furnaces for the home in addition to air conditioners and heat pumps if you are looking for a complete heating and cooling system. They don’t cost as much as other brands and are quiet. They also have an impressive 98 percent efficiency rating.


If your goal is to install a furnace with a very high-efficiency rating, Bryant is the brand to turn to. Users can get up to 98.3 percent fuel efficiency and the unit boasts a hybrid heat system that can operate a heat pump and gas furnace configuration.


Carrier is another top-rated furnace brand well-known among many professionals for manufacturing purposes. It is also a long-lasting furnace that features cooling equipment for the home. It has a 98.5 efficiency rating.


Rheem is well known for its hot water heaters and boilers. However, they also offer top-quality furnaces that are more on the affordable side.


Rudd furnaces are known for lasting a long time in addition to being high-quality and durable. They can heat and protect the home due to its blocked drain sensor that will turn off automatically if it detects a blockage to prevent spillage and avoid potential water damage.


Finally, Heil furnaces contain more advanced features than other brands but with budget-friendly options and more high-end furnace heating units. They have a 98 percent efficiency rating and are Wi-Fi enabled.