An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Installation in St. Louis, MO is Absolutely Worth it

No homeowner likes the prospect of having to replace, update or repair an expensive facet of their home like their air conditioner installation in St. Louis, MO, but it’s a prospect that will roll around at some point in time or another. The best thing you can do as a responsible homeowner when it does is to make the best decision you can about how to invest your money and lead yourself and your home down the path of sustainability.

If the time has come for your AC unit to be assessed and, ultimately, replaced, it’s a good idea to consider energy efficient units as a progressive next step in your strive for a better quality of life in your home. Why? Take a look at some of the tremendous benefits that an energy efficient air conditioner installation in St. Louis, MO can have:

  • Energy efficient units can save you hundreds of dollars in cooling costs each year—and this is already on top of the efficiency that comes with replacing a unit that’s likely more than a decade old.
  • Having an energy efficient unit is seen as an investment in your home, which means the value of your home will go up, should you decide to sell down the line.
  • Because energy efficient units often feature two-stage compressors and variable speed air handlers, they’re able to create more encompassing capabilities when it comes to climate control.
  • Most energy efficient AC units are Freon-free and have done away with this chemical in favor of a more environmentally friendly refrigerant alternative. This means lower costs associated with Freon and coolant-related issues.

Now, the above benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enhancing your home and your quality of life with an efficient air conditioner installation in St. Louis, MO! Another huge factor to consider is the monetary savings you’ll reap from tax and energy rebates!

Federal tax credits exist—like the credit for Consumer Energy Efficiency—to reward citizens who make the transition towards a more environmentally friendly, energy efficient cooling system. These rebates exist at both state and federal levels, meaning you’ll be able to save on both state and federal taxes each year if you’re someone who has made the investment in a high-efficiency AC system!

Now, perhaps the best benefit and biggest reason to invest in an energy efficient air conditioner installation in St. Louis, MO is the immediate impact it’s going to have on your quality of life. Cleaner forced air, better temperature control and responsive controls make it easy to enjoy every moment in your home while the AC unit hums along softly to provide you with optimal forced air. Not having to worry about strange smells, fluctuating temperatures and odd noises is a luxury you won’t come to appreciate until you experience it!

If you’re interested in seeing how far your money can go with an investment in a new AC unit, consult with the professionals at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling today about energy efficient AC installations.