Avoid AC Repair in St. Louis, MO This Summer By Keeping Your Unit in Top Shape

When the temperatures climb into the triple digits and the humidity sets in, it’s all anyone can do to run for shelter in their homes, with the AC pumping full blast to combat the heat. And while it’s easy to sit in an air conditioned house and look outside as the sun bakes everything it touches, if your home’s AC unit isn’t in proper functioning condition you might find yourself with more headaches than comfort!

Take a look at how you can avoid untimely and costly AC repair in St. Louis, MO by keeping your unit in peak functional condition, even on the hottest of days:

  • Be sure to keep the area around your AC unit clear of any debris or brush that might prevent it from functioning properly. It’s easy for foliage to become overgrown and hang into the AC unit, while outdoor debris can block up vents and filters to make it hard for air to properly circulate.
  • Have your system tuned up at least once per year. Generally it’s best to have this done before summer begins, but if you’re a little behind, it’s a good idea to give a professional a call before an impending heat wave or any other time of year where you’ll be relying on your unit for weeks at a time.
  • Have your unit inspected regularly by a professional to make sure that essential parts are in top condition and that a problem isn’t lurking out of sight, ready to erupt into a need for emergency AC repair in St. Louis, MO. This includes essential parts and pieces such as the condenser, fans and pulleys, wiring components and filters.
  • Have an efficiency inspection done for your home’s HVAC, to make sure your AC unit isn’t working harder than it has to all day long to keep you cool. If your unit is too small for your home or your thermostat is faulty, for example, you could be paying more money to have a unit that’s working harder than it needs to: a losing combination for everyone.
    • Now, aside from paying close attention to your AC unit itself, there are also some peripheral things you can do to make sure your AC unit isn’t working harder than it has to. Here are some quick tips:

      • Make sure there’s no unmitigated airflow around your windows and doors, which can affect the temperature in your home and cause your unit to work double time.
      • Make sure your thermostat is positioned in a part of the home that’s balanced. Putting it in a cramped space or one that’s too large can throw off the readings required to tell your AC unit when to work versus when to rest.
      • Monitor the temperatures outside to give your AC unit a rest whenever you can. Day after day of constant function can take its toll, and giving it a day off can really make a difference!

      Keeping these things in mind during the summer months will help you to stave off AC repair in St. Louis and keep your unit functioning to its fullest!