Heating Repair in St. Louis, MO Can Keep Your Home Warm All Autumn Long

As the days are growing shorter and the nights are growing colder, now is the time for heating repair in St. Louis, MO. A changing season results in changes in what’s needed to keep your home feeling comfortable. Investing in any necessary heating repair in St. Louis, MO is crucial in order to transition smoothly into the upcoming season.

Many parts of Missouri are actually expected to experience a colder than average fall season, so not making repairs to your heater now could leave you feeling the cold in the middle of October. Spending time now to make sure your home is prepared for the upcoming fall can save you from expensive repairs and frustration at a later date. Here are the best ways to keep your home warm this autumn:

  • Clean your chimney and fireplace: Cooler temperatures mean you’ll soon be curling up by the fireplace on chilly nights. If you have a wood fireplace, late summer and early autumn is the optimal time to have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional before it is regularly used. Chimneys and fireplaces should be inspected annually, and autumn is the perfect time to do so.
  • Winterize air conditioning units: Chances are, your air conditioning has been running high all summer during the hot and humid Missouri summer. If you have central air conditioning, it may be helpful to cover your outdoor unit for winter. If you use a window air conditioning unit, remove or cover it to prevent air leaks.
  • Check your insulation: Insulation is one of the most important features to consider when keeping your home warm in cold seasons, and also when trying to keep it cool in the summer. An easy way to keep your home warm and save money on your heating bills is to ensure that the proper level of insulation is present in both the attic and inside walls. If an attic is not properly insulated, heat will rise and easily escape the home.
  • Have your furnace inspected: With hot and humid temperatures over the summer, chances are you probably had the air conditioning on instead of the heat. But as temperatures begin to drop, it is crucial to check your furnace before you are left cold. A qualified specialist can test for leaks, check heating efficiency and change the air filter on your heater. He or she can also check for carbon monoxide to ensure the air in your home is safe.

While you should be savoring every minute of the fleeting summer season, now is the time to make sure that your home is completely prepared for the rapidly approaching change in temperature. By taking care of simple preventative maintenance and arranging for any necessary heating repair in St. Louis, MO ahead of time, you can save both time and money now in addition to ensuring you will stay warm this season. Contact a heating repair specialist at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling today to learn more.