Top 5 Alternatives To Heating If Your Furnace Isn’t Operational

Are you looking for other ways to heat your home rather than a furnace? Maybe your furnace is out temporarily, and you are looking for cheaper alternatives. Continue reading to find out how you can keep your house warm until you repair your furnace.

Alternative Ways To Heat Your Home

There are many alternative heating devices that you can use to keep your home warm.

Use a Wood Stove

Wood stoves are a great way to heat your home. They are affordable and great when trying to reduce energy costs. Wood stoves require chimney piping and a firebox if you don’t already have them. But they are still worth investing in because you can still reduce your energy bills during the winter. Make sure you have enough space to accommodate a wood stove before buying one.

Portable Heater

Portable heaters are another good option to use temporarily until you get your furnace repaired. Portable heaters can be moved with you from one room to another. Some of them are also available with wheels. Warm air can easily circulate through your home with the assistance of a portable heater.

Space Heater

If your furnace breaks down, look no further than a space heater. They will provide just the right amount of heat to keep you and your family warm. There are various types of space heaters on the market today. You can purchase a fan-forced, electric radiant, infrared quartz tube, or even one with a built-in humidifier. It is totally your choice. When using a space heater, you must always make sure that you keep it within a three-foot distance between any other furniture or combustible items to reduce your risk of a fire. Furthermore, you will need to use an outlet within three feet of your space heater.


Everyone doesn’t have a fireplace, but if you do, they are perfect for keeping you warm if your furnace breaks down. If you already have firewood stacked away, make use of it. Avoid using wood treated with insecticides or chemicals since it can be toxic when inhaled. Also, be sure you know how to properly operate your fireplace to prevent damage.

Temporary Heating Device

If you need heat immediately and cannot wait until your furnace is fixed, the best option is to purchase a temporary heating device. They are widely available and can be used to keep your house warm. However, the only downside is that they are not as affordable as many other options listed above. Either way, people still find them worth investing in since they can supply you with immediate heat.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Heater During the Winter

During the chilly winter months, having a high-quality, well-functioning heater can greatly affect your comfort levels at home. No one wants to spend their relaxation time bundled up with coats and blankets due to a poor heating system. Thankfully, there are many ways to avoid a broken heater, as well as enhance its efficiency, during our cold winters. Read on to learn more about how to get the most out of your heater and get some answers to common heater FAQs.

What does regular heater maintenance entail?

One of the best tips for how to avoid a broken heater is to schedule regular maintenance inspections. Whether it be once or twice a year, having a professional check your HVAC system for any potential problems is an important preventative measure for a homeowner to take. Here at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling, we are experts on HVAC systems and can help make sure your home heating system is in top-notch condition. If you sense there may be a problem with your system, it’s best to call for a checkup to prevent the problem from worsening.

How do you replace your furnace filter?

Replacing the air filters in your heating system is also extremely important to keep it functioning properly. Simply shut the HVAC unit off, then remove the old filter and insert the new one. This allows your heating system to continue to be effective and efficient. It is recommended to replace your air filter every one to three months, depending on the filter and the typical conditions in your home.

Also, after replacing the air filter, wiping away any debris or dust from the vents will help maintain effective airflow from your heater. It also helps to promote better air quality. This is another great way to avoid a broken or inefficient heater, and it’s a quick and simple DIY job.

How can smart thermostats help?

A great way to maintain your heater is by purchasing a smart thermostat. This technology will allow you to program the heater to automatically adjust the temperature throughout the day and keep your system from overworking. It will save you money on heating bills and keep your home at a perfect, comfortable temperature all day long.

Many programmable thermostats are inexpensive but still effective. However, some of the more expensive programmable thermostats, also called smart thermostats, are designed to automatically adjust the temperature to accommodate your lifestyle by learning your behavior over time. This can be a great option as well.

Get more information on HVAC services

A quality, functioning HVAC system is crucial for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home during the winter months. Regular maintenance and inspections are especially important as well. Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling offers efficient HVAC systems for your home. We’re also proud to offer affordable repair and maintenance services, as well as emergency services for heating systems. For more information on what we can do for you, or to schedule an appointment for HVAC service, reach out to us today.

Common Signs You Need Heater Maintenance

Wondering if it’s time to invest in heater repair? While it’s hard to predict when heater problems will arise, there are some warning signs to look for if your heater isn’t running as well as it should.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional HVAC technician to spot them. Here are some of the common signs you need heater maintenance.

Strange noises

One of the most common indications of problems with your heater are odd, unusual noises. If you’re hearing pops and squeaks, it usually means some components have come loose in the heater. It’s hard to self-diagnose heater problems by ear, so call your preferred HVAC technician to come take a look at the issue before it turns into a bigger one.

Thermostat problems

Thermostats communicate with your heater, telling it how much heat to produce. If you’ve set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature and are finding it hard for your heater to keep up, it’s a surefire sign you need heater repair. Whether the issue is due to blown fuses, loose wiring or tripped circuit breakers, you shouldn’t hesitate to make an appointment for heater maintenance.

Higher energy bills

Noticing a sharp increase in your energy bills? A failing heater may be to blame, especially if you haven’t set the thermostat to a higher temperature than usual. The problem may be a ductwork issue, which always requires the help of a professional.

Dusty air

Part of a heating system’s job is to clean the air. If you’re seeing a high volume of dust escaping from your vents, you likely need to swap your filter with a clean one. Reach out to an HVAC professional to help you select the right filters for your system.

Weak airflow

If the air flowing from your vents is weak or inconsistent, you should invest in heater repair. The issue could range from a minor problem with the fan to major motor and belt complications. No matter the source of the problem, don’t rely on a DIY job to fix it—call a professional instead.

Pooling water

Spotted pooling water around your heater? The cause of the problem is usually a clogged condensate line. Not only does this fix require help from an experienced HVAC technician, but you also need to call in a plumber.

Strange odors

If you’re noticing strange odors inside your home—particularly a gaseous odor—you likely have a problem with your heater. You should turn off your heater immediately; then shut off the gas supply valve. Be sure not to turn off any lights or ignite any matches, and call a trained technician to take a look at the problem immediately.

If you need heater maintenance, don’t hesitate to schedule service with a professional HVAC technician. By addressing minor problems early, you can save yourself from major issues and expenses, like complete replacement of your heater, down the road. Schedule your maintenance appointment with Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling, and keep your heater running efficiently now and into the future.

Fall Heater Best Practices for 2021

It’s probably been about six months since you’ve thought about your home’s heater, but with autumn setting in, now is the time to make sure your furnace is in proper working order. Checking and maintaining your furnace can ensure that it works well when you need it the most.

Some heater maintenance tricks might seem obvious to you, while others might be things you haven’t considered. This article will cover some fall heater tips that you can use to make your heater run efficiently this fall and winter.

Replace your filters

For your furnace filters to adequately do their job, they must be clean. You should be changing your HVAC filters every one to three months or as directed by the manufacturer. Changing your furnace filter can not only prolong your heater’s lifespan, but it can also ensure that your family is breathing in clean air as well.

Clean your vents

Before the leaves begin to fall, you should go around to your home’s vents and make sure they’re unobstructed. Once you’ve done that, you can remove the grate or register from the vents and use a vacuum on them to remove any dirt, dust or debris. This should not only improve your air quality but make your furnace run more efficiently too.

Test your thermostat

If you have an older thermostat, it might not be as accurate as you’d like it to be. You might have been able to get through the summer with an imprecise thermostat, but the winter could be a whole other story.

Check your thermostat, and test it to see if it’s correctly monitoring and adjusting the temperature in your home. A properly-working thermostat is key to a furnace’s efficiency, and if yours isn’t working anymore, you can invest in a newer, better model.

Install a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that is toxic to human beings. It prevents your blood from carrying oxygen sufficiently and can lead to serious injury and even death.

Several electrical appliances, like stoves, furnaces and generators, can generate carbon monoxide and leak them into your home, but with a carbon monoxide detector, you’re alerted to the gas’s presence and can get out of your living space before it’s too late. Be sure to place your carbon monoxide detector at least 15 feet from any HVAC ducts, as putting it any closer could result in false alarms.

Schedule an inspection

While there are steps you can take yourself to make sure your heater is working before the frost sets in, there’s no substitute for an expert. Getting a tune-up for your furnace is a must for any homeowner, as professionals can catch small problems before they become larger ones. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even recommends that you have your furnace inspected every year, and right before winter is an ideal time.

Call for your heater’s tune-up today

Hopefully, these fall heater tips and heater maintenance tricks can prove useful to you in some way, but if you want the expertise of a professional, call us at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling. We have over 15 years of experience in the HVAC industry, and we’re available 24/7 for HVAC repairs whenever you need assistance.

Make Sure Your Heater Is Ready All Winter!

Staying indoors this winter means you need to make sure your heater is ready to serve you all winter long. The last thing you need during your cozy winter holidays is to find out that your furnace no longer operates properly. The best thing you can do for your winter warmth is to schedule preventative maintenance before the temperatures drop each year. Here are some ways to maintain your heater for winter in St. Louis, MO:

When you need more advice about or help with keeping your heater working during winter in St. Louis, MO, Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling can help. We offer complete air conditioning and furnace repair services in St. Louis, including 24/7 help if your heater gives out unexpectedly. Reach out today to learn more or schedule an appointment.