Common Signs You Need Heater Maintenance

Wondering if it’s time to invest in heater repair? While it’s hard to predict when heater problems will arise, there are some warning signs to look for if your heater isn’t running as well as it should.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional HVAC technician to spot them. Here are some of the common signs you need heater maintenance.

Strange noises

One of the most common indications of problems with your heater are odd, unusual noises. If you’re hearing pops and squeaks, it usually means some components have come loose in the heater. It’s hard to self-diagnose heater problems by ear, so call your preferred HVAC technician to come take a look at the issue before it turns into a bigger one.

Thermostat problems

Thermostats communicate with your heater, telling it how much heat to produce. If you’ve set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature and are finding it hard for your heater to keep up, it’s a surefire sign you need heater repair. Whether the issue is due to blown fuses, loose wiring or tripped circuit breakers, you shouldn’t hesitate to make an appointment for heater maintenance.

Higher energy bills

Noticing a sharp increase in your energy bills? A failing heater may be to blame, especially if you haven’t set the thermostat to a higher temperature than usual. The problem may be a ductwork issue, which always requires the help of a professional.

Dusty air

Part of a heating system’s job is to clean the air. If you’re seeing a high volume of dust escaping from your vents, you likely need to swap your filter with a clean one. Reach out to an HVAC professional to help you select the right filters for your system.

Weak airflow

If the air flowing from your vents is weak or inconsistent, you should invest in heater repair. The issue could range from a minor problem with the fan to major motor and belt complications. No matter the source of the problem, don’t rely on a DIY job to fix it—call a professional instead.

Pooling water

Spotted pooling water around your heater? The cause of the problem is usually a clogged condensate line. Not only does this fix require help from an experienced HVAC technician, but you also need to call in a plumber.

Strange odors

If you’re noticing strange odors inside your home—particularly a gaseous odor—you likely have a problem with your heater. You should turn off your heater immediately; then shut off the gas supply valve. Be sure not to turn off any lights or ignite any matches, and call a trained technician to take a look at the problem immediately.

If you need heater maintenance, don’t hesitate to schedule service with a professional HVAC technician. By addressing minor problems early, you can save yourself from major issues and expenses, like complete replacement of your heater, down the road. Schedule your maintenance appointment with Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling, and keep your heater running efficiently now and into the future.