The Benefits of Zone Controlled Forced Air

These days, air conditioners are getting more and more advanced. They’re more energy efficient than ever and come with a multitude of features that you may or may not need. It’s a lot harder to determine what you want to buy than it was only 10 years ago. \

The technology in heating and cooling our homes is also advancing. Now, homeowners can have forced air systems specific to different areas of their homes as part of their AC service in St. Louis, MO. Although this advanced technology sounds pretty complicated, fundamentally, it’s actually quite simple for your HVAC contractor.

What is a zone controlled system?

When you flip on a light switch in your living room, does the bed room light come on as well? Of course not. That would be a waste of energy and will ultimately burn out your light bulbs faster! Light systems have been zoned for decades.

If your living room is an uncomfortable temperature, you probably would turn on your air conditioning system. The thermostat turns on the AC and cools down the whole house. But you’re in your living room, you don’t need the air on in your bedroom. That’s another waste of money. Luckily, AC service in St. Louis, MO can now include the installation of multiple thermostats that can control the temperature in individual rooms in your home.

How does it work?

Zone control works by first having an HVAC contractor install several individual thermostats throughout your home. Most people who live in zone controlled homes have one thermostat on each floor, but you can have as many as you like.

Each individual thermostat is connected to a central control panel. That control panel controls the ductwork in your home and channels air or heat to wherever you please!

Why should I install it?

If you’d ask homeowners who have a zone control system why they installed it, they’d most likely all say “to save money!” The U.S. Department of Energy states that zone control can save up to $30 each month on your heating and cooling bill.

On top of saving money each month, everyone in your home is going to be more comfortable. Dad can stay cool watching TV in the living room and mom won’t have to worry about getting under the covers up in the bed room because the air is too cold. If you’re a forward thinking individual, you may be making upgrades to your home in anticipation of selling at a later date. A home with zone controlled forced air is likely to increase the selling price of your home.

Zone controlled forced air is the latest in HVAC technology but it should have existed for years, just like zone controlled lighting has. Anyone with zone controlled rooms can tell you it’s a no-brainer to install. It’ll save you money on your electric bills and will keep everyone in your home happy! Call 314-835-1770 today to find out how we can install the system before the summer heat drives you crazy.