Furnace Cleaning in St. Louis, MO and Other Types of Preventative HVAC Maintenance

The transition from heating to cooling is the perfect time to catch up on preventative maintenance. Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling can help you out with this by performing maintenance tasks, from furnace cleaning in St. Louis, MO to major repairs. Call us to schedule a maintenance appointment today and we will accomplish the following for you:

  • Fix last year’s problems: If you suffered weird noises, odd smells and frequent trips in your power breakers, let’s address those first. Many times, the solution is simple, like replacing air filters. Other times, there are serious problems like cracked combustion chambers and failed burners. If you address these now, you will have more success heating your home next winter. Also, if problems are linked to your heat pump, that can affect air conditioning, too. Fix these things now so you do not risk a sweltering home on the hottest day of the year.
  • Inspection: We can inspect for any issue from worn out belts and pulleys to cracks and blemishes in your furnace. Many of these, if caught early, prevent future failures and sudden spikes in your utility bills. It is also less expensive to fix them now before you have a catastrophic problem. Other times, we find serious damage that could poison your home with carbon monoxide or lead to a full-on system failure that requires replacement. Finding problems early may still result in expensive solutions, but at least you will avoid surprises.
  • Test thermostats: A thermostat that fails to communicate with your furnace or air conditioning unit will not keep your home heated or cooled. If you find the set temperature is not easily sustained, or rooms are heated or cooled unevenly, the problem may lie with your thermostats. During maintenance, we can test them and see if they are working for you. If not, we may recommend you replace them with better programmable models.
  • Charge refrigerant: This time of year, your maintenance appointment will prepare your air conditioning for a long hot summer. If it is time to charge the refrigerant, we can do this now so you know you will stay cool later. We will also take the opportunity to check for leaks and see if any piping requires replacement. Changing air filters also helps refrigerant last longer.
  • Discuss upgrades: HVAC systems have a maximum useful life, and yours may have reached it. If you suffer constant inefficiency, high utility bills and frequent repair calls, it is likely better to replace your system. Now is a good time because the moderate temperatures of spring make it possible to go a day without HVAC while we install the new system. Consider this an opportunity to enjoy a new Energy Star system or add new features like dehumidifiers and thermostats that you can access from your smart phone.

If you require furnace cleaning in St. Louis, MO and other types of HVAC maintenance, call Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling for an appointment. We are also available for consultation on energy efficient systems and emergency service calls.