Pursue Energy Efficiency with Your Next AC Installation in St. Louis, MO

Energy efficiency is not just about modern trends or buzz terms. It is the future of appliances, including AC installation in St. Louis, MO. Investing in energy efficiency offers benefits to the planet and your financial situation. Here is why you should upgrade to an energy efficient heating and cooling system as soon as possible:

  • Reduce energy expenses: Your HVAC system occupies up to 40 percent of the energy usage in your home or commercial property. If your system runs entirely on electric power, that is a large monthly expense that appears in your mailbox each month. Since the 1970s, modern air conditioners have reduced their energy usage by 30 to 50 percent, depending on model. When you consider how technology keeps evolving, it is easy to see how having the latest developments in heating and cooling technology will ease your expenses.
  • Smaller size: The days of oversized furnaces and AC units are long over. You can buy smaller, more efficient units that still manage to keep your premises heated or cooled thoroughly. This makes building design easier, and if you upgrade your home system, you could find yourself with extra basement or closet space.
  • More options for supplemental equipment: Since the overall energy load is lower, upgrading to an energy efficient system makes room for better options. You can add dehumidification devices to reduce the chances of mold growth. Adding radiant heat helps areas in a building or home that tend to develop drafts. These options are also possible because the equipment is smaller, which makes room for additional appliances.
  • Less maintenance: Efficient appliances tend to wear themselves out slower and require less supervision to work well. That is because they demand less, so even a summer day in the triple digits is no match for their cooling power. Sometimes, you will pay more for a high efficiency system, but you will save money repairing and maintaining it in the long run.
  • Better technology: HVAC appliances evolve each year not only to fit energy efficiency expectations, but also because they simply improve with innovation. When you invest in efficient appliances, you gain a better working system. The same technology that reduces energy demand also produces improved heating and cooling. You can also add features like remote thermostats so you can lower or raise temperatures while you are away, and add programmable thermostats so you can save even more money.
  • Improved air quality: A new energy saving HVAC system runs cleaner and improves airflow. The result is better indoor air quality that produces a healthier working environment or home. Customers often report they notice fewer asthma and allergy episodes once they make the transition to new energy-efficient appliances. If you keep up with changing filters, you will enjoy this advantage years after installing your new system.

If you seek energy efficiency in your AC installation in St. Louis, MO, Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling is ready to help you. Call today to arrange for an estimate.