Keep Heating Bills Low This Winter with Tips from an HVAC Service in St Louis, MO

Winter is here, and so is the potential for heating system failure. But remain vigilant and don’t ignore HVAC issues, and you will get through the colder months in comfort, as well as save money on energy bills and HVAC repairs. Let’s get some advice from a professional HVAC service in St Louis, MO about how to keep your heating bills low this winter.

Get a programmable thermostat

Most older homes that have not been updated are typically fitted with super basic manual thermostats. They are likely digital, but some may still be older dial thermostats. When we say basic, we mean thermostats that might feature up and down buttons, an on/off switch and the option to heat or cool, and that’s it.

Saving money on your heating bills starts when you make a change, and in this case, you should consider buying a programmable thermostat. Instead of it gliding on autopilot all day, you’ll be able to set the temperature to do its thing at scheduled times. This is especially handy for when you and your family are not home and while you sleep.

Seal air leaks

If there are cracks and breaks in weather stripping, then the warm indoor air can escape. Do check the seals around window frames and doors for gaps, but the quickest way to find a seal leak is to perform a smoke test. Light an incense cone and move it around windows, doors and crawlspace openings, and don’t just do this in suspected air leak areas. You might be surprised how often leaks can be found where no one thought to look earlier. Move slowly, as the smoke will appear to waver in the presence of blowing air.

Also, look for signs of busted seals—including materials that are cracked, ripped, torn, punctured, loose in the track or missing entirely. Note problem areas, and then head on down to your local hardware store for replacement weather stripping.

Change the air filters

One of the most common forgotten HVAC maintenance tasks is changing the air filter. How does changing the filter help you save on heating bills? For one, a dirty filter will cause the heating unit to struggle and be overworked every time the system kicks on, because the system airflow has nowhere to go. This is when it might feel as though the inside air is a bit stuffy or humid, which in turn means the indoor air quality will be quite unhealthy. Airflow is trapped on the other side of the dirty filter, hence the air in your living space will either remain stagnant or end up recycling through the system.

Get a professional inspection

While there’s a lot of regular HVAC maintenance you can do as a homeowner, plan on scheduling annual inspections and maintenance with a professional HVAC service in St Louis, MO. During the inspection, the pros can perform a tune-up—including tightening components, lubricating parts, checking wires and connectors and doing a thermostat check—as well as look for any needed repairs.

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