Six Signs It’s Time for Air Conditioner Repair in St. Louis, MO

Very rarely does anything quit working without any notice at all. Both cars and home appliances normally have some sort of warning signs that they’re about to break down. Air conditioners are no different in that they usually give homeowners at least one warning sign that indicate they’re about to bite the dust. Keep a look out for some of the following signs that could indicate the necessity of air conditioner repair in St. Louis, MO:

  • No cold air: The first (and worst) sign that your AC is about to kick the bucket is if you turn on the air but your house doesn’t get any cooler. What’s the purpose of having an air conditioner if it’s not going to give you any cold air? An air conditioning unit that’s not putting out any cold air can have a variety of issues. Only a professional repairman can point out the source of the problem and quickly fix it.
  • Strange smells: It’s great if your AC is pumping out cold air, but it’s not so great if that air smells bad. You likely have a mold issue if there’s a musty smell coming through your ducts. Take care of that before it turns into a serious health issue!
  • Moisture in the ducts: Any moisture in your air ducts is an indication that humidity is getting into your home somehow. There are a couple of possible causes for the moisture, and they both indicate that it’s time to give us a call. You either have a broken part in your air conditioner, or leaky ductwork. Our professionals can figure out which scenario is the source of the moisture and get it repaired ASAP.
  • The unit is noisy: All AC units make noise when they’re running. However, if you’re sitting inside and hear a loud banging or rattling, there’s some sort of issue.
  • Abnormally high energy bill: Nobody wants to open their monthly electric bill and see a shockingly high balance. Your first thought may be that the energy company made a mistake. Hopefully that’s the case, but you need to give us a call ASAP to come check out your unit and determine whether it’s in need of some adjustments. If your bill is high month after month, it may be time to consider replacing your unit. Energy-efficient units can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year on your electric bill.
  • The unit is old: AC units aren’t meant to last forever. They’re bound to break down after years upon years of use. If your unit is getting old, give us a call! We may be able to diagnose and repair a potential problem before air conditioner repair in St. Louis, MO is necessary.

If you’ve noticed any of the above problems, give Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling a call for air conditioner repair in St. Louis, MO. Our friendly professionals will be at your house ASAP to repair the issue. Have no fear if your air conditioner is beyond repair—we carry a vast selection of new units to fit any sized home and budget. Get in touch today!