Understand the Myths About Air Conditioning Before Calling for AC Installation in St. Louis, MO

It is important for people to be able to cool off when they are hot. When you need to beat the heat, there are many ways you can go about doing so, including powering up your AC. An air conditioner will definitely keep you cool, but if you want to survive the summer, you’ll want to ensure you know the facts and avoid believing some of the many common myths related to air conditioning.

If you are planning for AC installation in St. Louis, MO this summer, here are a few myths you should know about first:

  • The bigger the air conditioner, the better: You might have heard that, the bigger the air conditioner, the better it will be at cooling your home and keeping you comfortable when the outside temperature is high. Air conditioners come in different sizes, and there is a particular size that will be perfect for your home. A unit of the right size will keep your home cool, but it won’t leave you with a ridiculously high energy bill every month.
  • Air filters should only be changed once a year: Your air filter is an important part of your AC unit. Many people believe that you are only supposed to change it once a year, but if you are expecting your unit to run efficiently, you will have to change it much more often. In fact, most air filters need to be changed every three months, if not every month. To avoid having a high energy bill and issues with airflow, you should change your air filter more frequently.
  • Regular maintenance isn’t necessary: After you first purchase your air conditioner, it can run efficiently for quite a while. You may be under the impression that as long as your unit isn’t making strange noises, emitting strange odors or failing to keep your home cool, maintenance isn’t necessary. Maintenance is actually going to help keep your AC in good working order, so instead of waiting for your unit to break down, you should be having a technician perform regular maintenance on the unit.
  • Lowering the thermostat will help cool your home: Although lowering the thermostat will help you avoid feeling hot while you are at home, you will also be increasing your energy bill. As most ACs are designed to run at one speed and cut off once they reach the desired temperature, when you set your thermostat too low, your unit will have to run longer. It won’t cool your home any faster, and it could cost you big, so just avoid excessively lowering your thermostat.

Being hot can make a person unhappy, uncomfortable and irritable. When you want to cool off, using an AC to do it is a wise option. You just want to make sure you don’t ignore the facts and believe the myths, because doing so can greatly affect your ability to keep cool on a hot day, and ultimately has a negative impact on your comfort and your wallet.

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