Stay Safe This Winter with These Heating Tips

This winter, you want to make sure that your home stays comfortable and warm for you, your family and any guests you may be hosting. Even though it’s important to ensure that your heating system is running efficiently and effectively, it’s even more important to make sure that your system is running safely. Unfortunately, many homeowners suffer injury or loss of property as a result of fires from systems that are not operated safely.

For this reason, it is imperative that you take care of your system and follow several safety tips that will prevent overheating and reduce the risk of fire. If you are at all concerned about the safety of your system or you think that it might be a fire hazard, you should call a professional technician to inspect it and provide you with tips to stay safe during the heating season:

  • Check your smoke alarms: Your smoke alarms are incredibly important devices in your home that can help ensure that you and your family are made aware of a fire in time to evacuate safely. Test your smoke alarms and consider replacing them if they are old or don’t seem to be working reliably.
  • Keep areas around heating sources clear: Laundry, papers and other clutter can catch fire if they are too close to your heating units. Make sure that the area around all major heat sources is cleared so that there are three unobstructed feet around stoves, fireplaces and heaters.
  • Be careful when using space heaters: Space heaters can be effective heating sources, but they can also be dangerous if they are not used correctly. You should place your space heater on a level surface away from any potentially flammable materials like clothing, papers or curtains. Make sure that your space heater is away from children and pets to prevent burns or injury.
  • Use fireplaces cautiously: You should have your fireplace serviced on an annual basis to ensure that the chimney is clean and ready to be used. You should also make sure that you have a screen in front of your fireplace to prevent a crackling log from throwing sparks and starting a fire.
  • Maintain and service heating sources and systems: The best way to ensure that your heating system continues to operate safely, effectively and efficiently is to have it serviced regularly. You should also make sure to invest in professional furnace cleaning in St. Louis, MO in order to minimize the risk of house fires and to promote energy efficiency.

When you need expert help with your heating system, reach out to the experts at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling. We understand how important it is to keep your system running effectively, efficiently and safely, which is why we are proud to deliver all of the HVAC services that you need, including furnace cleaning in St. Louis, MO. To find out more about heating safety or to get your system professionally serviced, just contact us today to schedule an appointment.