What Should I Look for This Summer to Keep Up with AC Maintenance?

Proper maintenance is crucial for optimal AC performance. As your AC unit works hard to keep you cool this summer, what issues should you look for? When should you call for AC service, and what can you do to prevent malfunctions, repairs and replacements?

When the temperature rises, use the following guide to keep your AC in top shape. Look for these issues to ensure your AC is performing at top capacity and to prevent major damage or unnecessary repairs. For additional tips, consult with your local AC service.

Check the Thermostat

Do you have a programmable thermostat? It can be tempting to set this device and forget about it for the rest of the season. But it’s a good idea to check this occasionally. Some thermostats require battery replacement. Others may be bumped accidentally, and their settings may get changed. Keep an eye on your thermostat to make sure it is functioning properly, especially if you notice any issues with your AC service. You might not need repairs to the unit. Instead, it might be a simple fix with your thermostat.

Check the Coolant

If your unit is leaking coolant, you need immediate AC service. Keep an eye on your unit so you discover any leaks right away. Look for water pooling around your air conditioner or ice on the evaporator coil. Other signs of leaking coolant are when the unit turns off and on rapidly or makes a hissing noise. Keep in mind that regulations have changed regarding freon, so you may need to replace your unit if you have a coolant leak.

Check the Air Ducts

If you notice that your AC doesn’t seem to be cooling as efficiently as it used to, this may be due to leaky air ducts. You may notice less comfortable surroundings in your home, or higher utility bills. The leaky ducts may be allowing all your cool air to escape rather than make your home cool and comfy. If you suspect that you have leaky air ducts, contact your local AC service for an inspection and repairs. You’ll save money in the long run by creating a more efficient system with tightly sealed air ducts.

Check the Operation

You should have your system inspected by a professional AC service once each cooling season. This service will allow the technician to discover any minor issues before they become major. The technician can clean the unit and tighten and repair anything that requires attention, which will reduce the amount of repairs the unit will need in the future. This consistent service can help extend the life of your AC unit and ensure you have reliable, smooth service all summer long.

Look to the Pros

To keep your AC system in top shape this summer, partner with the professionals at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling. Since 1999, we’ve been the area’s go-to source for residential and commercial AC service. Reach out to us today to schedule your next preventative maintenance service. 24-hour emergency service is available!