What Can I Do to Keep My Home Cool This Summer?

You want to keep your surroundings cool and comfortable during the summertime, but you don’t want to send your utility bills through the roof in the process. You also don’t want to put unnecessary strain on your AC unit that will reduce its lifespan or require additional HVAC service calls. What can you do?

Try the following tips from your local HVAC service. These steps will help preserve your system and encourage optimal performance throughout the summer months.

Schedule Your Yearly Checkup

Annual maintenance for your unit is crucial. This inspection each cooling season allows a technician to detect any potential issues. Minor adjustments and repairs can be made before any major problems arise. This maintenance will extend the life of your unit and prevent future hassles. You’ll be less likely to find yourself stuck without AC on a hot August day if you schedule this service each year. Try to get this on the calendar in the spring, before you need to use your AC unit for the season.

Keep It Clean

Check your exterior unit occasionally. Make sure the area around it isn’t full of leaves or plants. This debris can choke your unit by blocking airflow, which will make it less effective. Clear away everything from the perimeter of your unit to keep it working optimally.

Replace Your Filter

How often do you replace your HVAC filter? This task should be completed each month during the summertime. Make it a habit to do this when you pay your rent or mortgage, so you don’t forget. A clean filter allows your unit to run more efficiently, which will make your surroundings more comfortable and your utility bill lower. It will also reduce the strain on your AC unit, so you’ll need fewer repairs.

Check Your Thermostat

Make sure you’re not running your AC unit unnecessarily. Use a programmable thermostat to set the temperatures appropriately for times when you are home. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, get in the habit of changing the settings before you leave. Keep in mind that your schedule may change during the summer. Consider whether you should change your settings, either the time or the temperature, to save money this season.

Seal Your House

Make it as easy as possible for your AC unit to cool your home. Check windows and doors and replace seals if they are not tight. Keep window treatments closed during hot summer afternoons to prevent the sunlight from heating up your home. Use ceiling fans to circulate air or personal fans to reduce the amount of AC output you need during the warmest times of the day.

Get More Tips

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