How Often Should My AC Coils Be Cleaned?

Your air conditioning system is a powerful machine, and many of us owe our comfort during the summer to this system. In order for it to continue working properly and do its job of keeping you cool, it has to be properly maintained, which means performing regular routine preventative maintenance. HVAC companies in St. Louis, MO will be able to perform routine maintenance, including cleaning. One aspect that needs to be cleaned is the coils, but how often should they be cleaned, and why? Read on to learn more about this crucial step.

Professional cleaning of AC coils

Ideally, your AC coils should be cleaned seasonally, before the heat of the summer and again at the end of the summertime before cooler weather comes in. However, this is not a job we recommend you handle yourself. HVAC companies in St. Louis, MO will have the tools and expertise necessary to clean the coils adequately without damaging any components. The coil fins in an air conditioning system are delicate and very sensitive, making them easy to damage if you use the wrong type of cleaning product or handle them too forcefully or incorrectly.

Additionally, coil cleaning can be dangerous for those who don’t know what they’re doing. To clean the coils properly, you’d have to handle dangerous chemicals and risk exposure to electric shock, which is likely if you’re not experienced in handling HVAC systems. Plus, if you handle the system wrong, you could end up needing more costly repairs.

Why coil cleaning is necessary

You may be wondering, if the job is so dangerous and risky, why is it necessary to complete it so often? Cleaning your AC coils increases the system’s efficiency and cooling power, as well as improves the air quality in your home. As the coils draw warm air from the outside in order to cool your home, they also pull in other debris, dust, pollen, bacteria and other grime from the outside air. These can build up in the system and even create a barrier, which will increase stress on the system, causing it to work harder than necessary and decreasing the efficiency of the system.

Plus, the air that flows through this buildup of grime will carry its contaminants into the air supply in your home that you regularly breathe in. It’s necessary to regularly clean out the coils so clean air can flow through easily. These delicate coils need to be handled properly and regularly in order for the system to continue to work correctly. This will ensure your HVAC system continues to function as it should, and that your energy bills are kept low and your air quality is kept high.

Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling provides customers with an unmatched level of service, from installation to repairs, maintenance and inspections. All good HVAC companies in St. Louis, MO will recommend regular preventative maintenance, such as cleaning your coils, in order to keep your HVAC system running properly for as long as possible. We’re here to make sure your HVAC problems are prevented before they develop into larger issues. Give us a call today for an estimate.