Benefits of Having an Energy-Efficient Furnace

Living in St. Louis means you’re usually dealing with either hot summer heat or bracingly cold winters—and either way, your HVAC system is doing a lot of work. As any homeowner knows, the more you use that furnace or air conditioner, the higher your bill gets.

Do you really have to sacrifice comfort for lower bills? Not necessarily. If you’re interested in making the change to an energy-efficient furnace in St. Louis, MO, you may be able to stay comfortable at a much lower price. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of energy-efficient furnaces:

  • Save money on your utilities: Obviously, the biggest benefit of energy-efficient appliances is that they’ll save you a significant amount on your energy bills each month, whether you use natural gas or electricity to heat your home. When they’re paired with a smart thermostat, you can cut down a big chunk of your energy costs. Not only is it cheaper for your furnace to run, but it will only run when people are at home, not when you’re out at work, school or otherwise.
  • Fewer carbon emissions: Another great reason to buy an energy-efficient furnace is the reduced carbon footprint. As we all know, global warming is an increasingly important issue facing our world. The more you can do to help, the better—and the fact that it will also save you money on your bills doesn’t hurt, either. Look for an Energy Star rating to ensure your new unit runs as efficiently as possible.
  • Better air quality: Today’s technology also includes better filtration and improved airflow. When you purchase an energy-efficient furnace or air conditioning unit, you’ll also get better air flow. Most new units use variable speed motors to encourage the most efficient air flow depending on the temperature and thermostat. This helps filter out impurities and pathogens that can exacerbate or cause illness.
  • Extended warranties: If you’re thinking about purchasing an energy-efficient unit, look at the warranty. Chances are, these new, efficient units will offer significantly nicer warranties than what you’re used to. Not only does this protect you over the long term, but it may even save you money on routine repairs.
  • Easier and quieter to use: Finally, newer furnaces and air conditioning units are easier and quieter to use on the whole. If you’re still dealing with the same heater your home came with, maybe it’s time to see what newer technology can provide. Some units use sound-absorbing materials to make them as pleasant and unobtrusive as possible.

Now that the cold temperatures are here, there’s no better time to replace your old furnace. Whether you want to save money, be kinder to the planet or reap all the rewards of a new energy-efficient unit, it’s a smart choice for your home.

For help buying and installing a new energy-efficient furnace in your home, call the team at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling. We know all the benefits of energy-efficient furnaces in St. Louis, MO, and can help you find the right heater for your needs.