How Air Conditioning Units Have Evolved Over the Years

These days, effective air conditioning is commonplace in homes and businesses across the country, but that wasn’t always the case. Air conditioning has come a long way in the last several decades, and cooling technology has been in development for centuries. Most of us take modern AC systems for granted, but this technology is a lot more impressive than many people realize. Keep reading to learn about the evolution of our modern-day air conditioning in St. Louis, MO and how this technology will continue to develop.

The evolution of modern-day air conditioning

Understanding how our modern-day air conditioning came to be begins thousands of years ago with primitive cooling methods. In ancient Rome, people used aqueduct systems to circulate water through walls to cool indoor spaces. Hand fans have been used for thousands of years to help people keep cool. Civilizations in the Middle East developed large wind towers that were designed to amplify breezes to provide widespread cooling.

Modern-day air conditioning

As technology development picked up in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, people began working on more sophisticated cooling systems that would be more effective than primitive cooling methods. The first modern air conditioner was developed in 1902, by Willis Carrier. His mechanical air conditioner was a unit that blew air over coils filled with cool water. These early air conditioners were primarily designed to keep humidity levels low in factory environments, and were too large and expensive to be practical in residential contexts.

Air conditioning systems became much more effective when people began using refrigerants instead of cool water. In the early years of air conditioner use, the most common refrigerant used was R22, but it eventually became clear that this refrigerant was causing harm to the ozone layer. Today, refrigerant is designed to be very effective at cooling without harming the environment.

Two of the most significant developments in AC technology during the 20th century were innovations in compressor technology and improvements to AC efficiency. Modern AC systems have much higher energy ratings that reduce energy waste and minimize the amount homeowners have to spend on energy for cooling on a monthly basis. Two-stage and variable compressors modify AC operation to adjust cooling without shutting off AC units completely. The development of more effective compressors and improvements to AC efficiency has made AC systems much more affordable and more effective for home and business owners alike.

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