How to Identify a Declining AC

The bad news is that your air conditioner won’t last forever. The good news is that air conditioners typically don’t just up and quit out of nowhere. Instead, they present a variety of signs that they’re about to stop working.

This post from your trusty HVAC experts will cover a few of the signs your AC unit is declining in St. Louis, MO and teach you how to get the most out of your system:

  • The AC unit isn’t cooling: The first sign that your AC is declining is if it gets less effective at cooling your home. This issue may start small, but it’ll get worse and worse as time goes on. If you wait too long to have it replaced, your unit won’t cool your house at all.
  • Reduced airflow: In addition to being less effective at cooling your house, you may also notice weak airflow coming from the vents. This reduced airflow may just be caused by dirty air filters, but it might also be an issue with the blower. A technician may be able to repair or replace the blower, but it might be a better idea to replace the unit if it’s old.
  • Strange noises: Your air conditioner will never be completely silent while it’s running, but it shouldn’t make any sudden banging or rattling noises. These startling sounds often indicate that a part has become loose or is starting to fall apart. Call an HVAC pro to inspect the system and diagnose the cause of the strange sounds.
  • Bad smells: Older or improperly maintained ACs might produce strange smells during operation. An electrical burning smell could indicate that a part is starting to wear out. If there’s a musty smell coming from the vents, you likely have mold growth somewhere in the unit or in the ductwork.
  • Higher energy bills: Another one of the leading signs your AC unit is on the decline in St. Louis, MO will be felt each month when your energy bill comes. Systems get less energy efficient as they get old, which leads to sky-high electric bills. Buying an energy-efficient AC isn’t always cheap, but it’ll pay for itself over time with monthly savings.

Ways to prolong your unit’s lifespan

You can get decades of service from your air conditioner by being a proactive homeowner. First and foremost, be sure to schedule yearly maintenance with an HVAC technician. During this springtime service, your technician will clean your unit and repair or replace any parts that are starting to fail.

Along with scheduling maintenance each spring and replacing your air filters every few months, watch your usage. Running the AC on the coldest setting 24/7 is a waste of electricity and puts a lot of undue stress on your system.

Schedule your spring tune-up today!

Judging by the current weather, you won’t need to turn on your air conditioner for a few months. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead and schedule a tune-up! In addition to getting your unit ready for summer, the pros at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling will identify any signs your AC unit is declining in St. Louis, MO.