Take Advantage of Early Spring HVAC Maintenance

By the beginning of spring, everyone is ready to say goodbye to the frigid winter and prepare for warmer days. HVAC maintenance becomes crucial at this time of year if you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your heating and cooling system. Making sure your air conditioning is working properly before the hot summer is especially important for any homeowner. It’s also important to put together and follow an HVAC checklist for spring so your home is the most comfortable it can be.

Here are a few spring HVAC tips to help you with the process of inspecting your heating and cooling system.

Inspecting the outdoor unit

Checking the outdoor unit of your heating and cooling system is one of the first steps in spring HVAC maintenance. Oftentimes, debris builds up around the external unit over the wintertime, so it’s important to wipe away leaves, dirt and dust in and around the unit.

Along with that, checking for any damage in the outdoor unit is also a good idea, since something like a damaged condenser could lead to problems with air conditioning performance. If anything looks like it’s damaged, giving an HVAC technician a call is the way to go.

Replacing the filter

An old HVAC filter is a common cause of restricted airflow and poor air conditioning performance. Oftentimes, these filters can grow mold or accumulate debris, which means the AC system ends up using more energy when it’s running. That’s why it’s recommended that homeowners change their filter around every 90 days (about three months). However, you may need to change yours more often if you have allergies or have pets in your household.

If you want to take it a step further, we recommend upgrading to a more advanced and efficient pleated filter. A pleaded filter can trap the particles of bacteria and debris inside the filter, making your HVAC system more effective in cooling your home.

Temporarily shutting down the HVAC system

Another spring HVAC tip is to temporarily turn off your system for a few weeks, ideally during a time when it’s not too hot and not too cold. This can improve the air quality in your home and air everything out a bit more. During this time, you can open your windows and make use of your home’s ceiling fans to improve air circulation.

Prioritizing annual HVAC maintenance

Finally, scheduling an HVAC checkup with a professional at least once a year is an important but often forgotten step on everyone’s HVAC checklist for spring. A technician can check your airflow and look for signs of wear in your AC unit. If any parts of your unit need repair or replacement, they can easily help with that. This allows your HVAC system to continue to work efficiently and effectively for as long as possible.

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