How To Save Energy Throughout Spring and Summer

The warmer climates are often associated with beautiful flowers, barbecues, and uncountable outdoor activities. However, the hotter days can quickly become uncomfortable if you’re not prepared with adequate cooling techniques. For most people, the air conditioner seems to be the perfect cooling solution. If left to operate for long hours, your AC can quickly double or triple your utility bills. While it’s still among the best cooling solutions, you might want to learn how to save energy while keeping your home cool. Here are some of the tips we thought you should try.

Close the Windows During the Day and Open Them at Night

Windows allow sunlight and infrared heat into your home during the day. To allow ventilation into your home and keep the heat out, consider opening your windows in the morning, evening, and night. Use blinds to keep the sun out during the day. You can also buy window coverings that block the sun’s rays and use light-colored curtains that don’t absorb heat.

Cook Outdoors

Cooking, particularly grilling, can make cooling your home more challenging during the hot season. The heat produced spreads to the adjacent rooms, which leads to more air conditioner usage. To avoid overworking your AC and fans, start cooking outdoors. Spring and summer evenings offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy barbecues while having a great time with family and friends. You can even use charcoal and save electricity.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

One of the biggest mistakes people make leading to high energy bills is setting their thermostats colder than normal when they first turn on the air conditioner. Colder settings won’t cool your home faster. You’re simply overworking it, which eventually leads to excessive cooling and high power usage. Using a programmable thermostat allows you to turn your air conditioner on and off depending on where you’re. Smart thermostat settings for spring use your location to know where you’re and determine whether to turn the AC on or off.

Use Fans and Other Natural Methods To Cool Your Home

If you have trees providing shade to your home, your home is likely cooler than those receiving direct sunlight. If you have shade on a section of the house, you can use fans to direct the cold air to the warmer rooms. Turn off the lights during the day, take advantage of natural light, and seal all window and door cracks to ensure no hot air or cold air is going in or out.

Service Your Air Conditioner

One of the best ways to keep your energy costs down is by servicing your air conditioner. In fact, it should be on your priority list during spring cleaning. Routine maintenance of your AC helps prolong its lifespan and reduce the chances of costly repairs. When the AC is functioning optimally, it cools your home effectively, cutting your energy bills by 15 percent. You can hire HVAC professionals to inspect, repair, and replace parts to ensure the unit uses as little energy as required.

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