8 Sounds Your AC Unit Makes, the Cause, and the Fix

Air conditioning units normally produce a mild level of sound. However, strange sounds can indicate the need for repairs. The following are eight sounds your AC system might make and what they mean. 

1. Bubbling

Bubbling is one of the sounds an AC unit makes when a problem exists in the drainage pipes. A pipe may have a crack, hole, or other imperfection that allows air and water to get through. To find the problem, you will need to take your AC unit apart to expose the crack or hole. Contacting a certified specialist is best if you need draining line work. 

2. Hissing

Your HVAC system might hiss in protest if you use a filter that isn’t compatible. You might also hear hissing if your air duct is leaking. You can change the air filter yourself if you can find the right part and gain access to where you place it. The ductwork may not be that easy to do by yourself and should probably be handled by a professional. 

3. Clicking

Hearing some clicking sounds from your AC unit is entirely normal. However, continuous clicking might mean your thermostat is going bad. A skilled specialist most effectively handles this complex procedure. 

4. Humming

Humming noises usually occur when electrical problems exist. Thus, you might hear your unit hum if you have a defective relay switch. Your thermostat can also be faulty, and replacing it isn’t a very easy task. An expert may be much more suitable to do the job than you. 

5. Rattling 

Rattling noises can be major or minor. They can happen when sticks and other objects fall into the system. However, they can also occur if you have a defective part or loose fasteners. 

6. Buzzing

Buzzing can come from several components, but the fan is the most common culprit. This sound can also occur if you have dirty condenser coils or loose parts. You can inspect the AC unit and search for visual signs or contact a professional to inspect it for you. 

7. Banging

A banging noise is never a good sign, and it usually means your compressor is on its way out. In some cases, it can mean that certain parts have come loose. If this is the issue, you will most likely need someone to replace the compressor. In the worst-case situation, you might need to replace your whole unit. This result is likely if your system is more than 15 years old.  

8. Screeching

Blower fan motors are notorious for making screeching sounds. Bad bearings in the fan motor can also create this sound. 

You now know most of the sounds that can come from your HVAC system. Staying on the right schedule with your maintenance can prevent some of these issues from occurring. Having someone check your system periodically will expose minor problems when they arise, and you’ll be able to fix them more speedily. 

Get in touch with a trustworthy group of HVAC specialists if your AC is making a hissing noise, and you can ensure that your unit makes fewer strange sounds moving forward.