Signs Your HVAC System Needs Maintenance or Repair

Your HVAC system has been designed to work well for many years. However, it’s crucial that you do the appropriate maintenance to keep it in its best condition. The following symptoms indicate that you need to have someone look at your system:

You Notice Unnatural Smells

Bad smells can have a number of causes, but you can be certain that something is wrong with your HVAC system when they hit your nose. You could have a dirty filter, a burnt wire, or even worse, a rodent’s carcass could be stuck in the unit. Fortunately, a professional HVAC technician can come to your home, find the problem, and remedy it for you. 

Your AC Unit Makes Strange Sounds

Strange noises are also tell-tale signs your system has an issue. If you hear hissing sounds, it could mean that your system is leaking refrigerant. The hissing noise is likely coming from a puncture in the closed mechanism. Broken compressors and loose belts can cause loud banging noises, and rattling noises are more likely to come from bad blower fans and motors. 

You don’t need to become a profound expert on AC system sounds. You can reach out to a trustworthy specialist and have that person come to your home and inspect your unit. The repair person will let you know what the issue is and propose a solution you can accept or reject.  

Your Home Never Gets Cold or Warm Enough 

Your AC system may not be cooling because of a refrigerant leak caused by a vulnerability. If your HVAC system isn’t warming for you, the problem could be related to a thermostat issue, a clogged filter, or a heat pump defect. It’s time to contact a professional when you stop getting the comfortable temperature you deserve. 

Your Energy Bills Are Much Higher

Higher energy bills usually indicate that a component of your HVAC system is working very hard, causing it to burn through more energy than usual. It’s time to contact an outside provider to look at your system when your bills no longer seem to add up. 

When to Schedule Maintenance for My Furnace?

Furnace maintenance is most effective when someone does it in the fall. Typically, you should have someone come out to your home once every year to check for issues and perform regular maintenance tasks. That way, you can be fully certain that your unit will be ready to handle the aggressive seasons. 

When to Schedule Maintenance for My AC?

AC maintenance should be done annually as well. However, it’s most beneficial to have someone come to inspect and maintain it in the spring. The idea is to beat the season by getting your unit ready before the undesirable weather begins. 

Keep up with the periodic maintenance of your HVAC system, and you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and malfunctions. Take your time and find an established company to do the maintenance you need on your unit, and don’t hesitate to schedule a service visit if you notice any strange issues.