Exposed Ductwork Ideas You Might Need in Your Home

Ductwork is something that every building with an HVAC unit has. That being said, for many, hiding the ductwork is something that they try very hard to do. Though this does give a space a more finished look, it is not always necessary. Exposed ductwork can be fun and can help make your space something truly special.


Is Exposed Ductwork Trending?

For those looking to make a splash and make their ductwork a feature of their home or business, exposed ductwork is in this year. Exposed ductwork is fun, it can look industrial and different, and you can even make it a feature of your home or business. Exposed ductwork is not just for fun; it can also help to make your ceilings higher and help to open up a space. One great idea is to paint the ductwork the same color as your ceiling; this will help camouflage it a bit but still make it a feature.

You can also use wood posts and beams to help frame the ductwork and help make it a feature. Exposed beams are, again, going to help with the industrial look of the ceiling and can make it even more of a feature. You do not have to make the sole focus the ductwork. You can make it a part of the design overall so that it does not stick out but is still visible and fun to look at. You can also choose a contrasting color for your ceiling and walls to help ensure that your silver ducts will really pop against the ceiling and the walls.

Exposed Ductwork Ideas

The way that the ductwork can be shown is really going to depend on the way that the home is built and on the way that your ductwork is designed as well. When making any design decisions based on your ductwork, you want to ensure that the ductwork is going to be stable, that none of the design options that you are using are going to damage or affect the ability of the ductwork to do its job, and that the integrity of the ducts is kept.

The best way to do this is to hire a professional to help ensure that any design idea you may have will not damage your ducts. Exposed ductwork can be very fun; you just have to know how to properly follow this trend.