Is It Time for Heating Repair in St. Louis, MO? Five Signs to Watch Out For

While it’s obvious winter has already arrived, something that may not be as apparent is an inefficiently working heating unit. Indications of potential heating problems range from a haziness or stuffiness in the indoor air to the sound of a train barreling down the tracks every time you turn the heater on. Are you wondering whether you might need to fix your heating unit? Here are five signs that heating repair in St. Louis, MO may be necessary:

  • High electric bills: Although utility rates for both gas and electricity tend to fluctuate, if you notice a sudden and significant increase in your monthly energy bills, there may be something wrong with your heating system. Compare your higher bills to your heater usage to see if you’ve been turning the heat up more than in winters past to reach a comfortable inside temperature—this could mean heat is escaping somewhere or a part needs to be replaced.
  • Breathing difficulties: Typically a gradual affliction, you might not know you are having trouble breathing the air in your own home. A heater works by circulating warm air throughout the home, which unfortunately also includes contaminants like dust, pollen, mold spores, pet fur and other nasty particles you don’t want to be taking into your lungs. Oftentimes, simply changing the air filter or furnace filter will go a long way toward clearing up the air, but if not, something more serious could be wrong within your heating system.
  • Loud noises from the heater: It should be unusual for your heater to make loud banging or scraping noises when it’s running. Strange or loud noises could mean necessary heating repair in St. Louis, MO, which should be taken care of as soon as possible to prevent further damage or additional wasted energy. Day or night, it’s a good idea to contact specialized emergency heater unit repair experts like Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling when your heater is noisy.
  • The whole house doesn’t warm: Have you noticed this winter that it’s always nice and toasty in the living room but chilly, drafty and not warm in the slightest in one of the bedrooms? House airflow issues arise when the ductwork malfunctions due to damage or age, which creates a break in the amount of warm air successfully reaching connected vents. This can cause your system to work overtime in an effort to heat your whole home.
  • Thermostat “up” button is getting a workout: A push here, and a push there—between higher electric bills and the house not warming up fast enough, think about just how often you’re hitting the thermostat button to reach a higher temperature. Are you turning up the heat beyond a reasonable temperature to remain comfortable during the cold winter months? If so, your heater is likely not working as efficiently as it should be, costing you more on energy bills. Get that furnace inspected and make sure all issues, no matter how small, are dealt with.

Don’t let your home temperature drop while your monthly utility bills go up. At Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling, we offer 24-hour emergency heating repair in St. Louis, MO. This winter, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for needed heater fixes or inspections.