Learn About the Pros and Cons of Smart Thermostats from Your HVAC Service in St. Louis, MO

Saving on your energy bill is always a good thing. Installing a smart thermostat can help in this department, as the Environmental Protection Agency estimates savings at $180 a year. While it will certainly save on your energy bill as well as provide a host of other benefits, there are some drawbacks to the technology that might not be right for everyone. An HVAC service in St. Louis, MO can help you determine whether this technology is a good fit for your home, as well as easily install a smart thermostat for your home’s HVAC system.

Pros of installing a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat operates wirelessly using your Internet to control the temperature in your home. It allows you to change the temperature at your house, even when you are not there, making it a good option for those times when you forget to adjust appropriately.

Because it works off the Internet, it can sense those times when you normally reduce your energy costs and adjust the temperature accordingly. It also offers programmability, which provides temperature settings for certain times of day when you are normally home or away.

The smart technology of the thermostat allows it to notify you if repairs are needed or if regular maintenance needs to be scheduled. This is a good way to know if you need HVAC service in St. Louis, MO, whether you are home or not.

Installing a smart thermostat will save you money on your energy bill, as you will be able to more thoroughly regulate the temperature in your home. Some cities even offer a rebate to customers who install a smart thermostat, and it also can increase the value of your home as buyers look for technology and savings options in their home-buying search.

Cons of installing a smart thermostat

The cost to install a smart thermostat can be quite high, as it can be roughly four times the cost of a standard thermostat. You would not want to install one if you live in an apartment or are planning on moving, as you won’t be able to reap the benefits of your investment.

Because smart thermostats are complicated systems that incorporate Internet connections, thermostat calibration and receiving units, you will want to hire an HVAC service in St. Louis, MO for installation.

If technology is not your thing, then a smart thermostat is probably not for you. If requires a smart phone to run its systems, and it can be a challenge to program all its capabilities. It is also not compatible with every HVAC system on the market, so it may not work with the heating and cooling system you have installed at your home.

One company that produces the smart thermostat is Nest, which is owned by Google. Some people may not be comfortable with Google having information about them, such as whether they are home or not. If you have concerns about this, it may indicate that a smart thermostat is not a good option for you.

Take into consideration these pros and cons of installing a smart thermostat. If you think it’s right for you, contact your HVAC service in St. Louis, MO to install one in your home. For smart thermostat installation, as well as HVAC service and repair, contact Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling. We offer 24-hour service to help anytime your HVAC system breaks down or needs repairs.