Why Your Outdoor Unit Might Need Air Conditioning Repair in St. Louis, MO

Many customers find their need for air conditioning repair in St. Louis, MO has come as a big surprise. They have a newer system or had it maintained recently, so when efficiency decreases, there does not seem to be a plausible explanation. However, the problem is often traced to something happening to the outdoor unit that no one considered. Here are some common problems that reduce functioning, and how to prevent them:

  • Pet damage: Technicians frequently discover the unit failure is traced to pet behavior. Dogs are let outside without much thought and will urinate on the air conditioning unit. This can cause shorts and affect air quality. Pets may also leave toys too close to the unit, or even chew on parts. If you keep your air conditioning unit in the backyard where your dog can access it, consider building a barrier around it to keep it safe.
  • Errant yard tools: There are also moments when people are not as careful with lawn mowers and weed whackers. Mowing too close can block coils with flying grass clippings. The same can happen with the debris produced by weed whackers, edge trimmers and other cutting tools. There have even been instances of customers accidentally catching and cutting wires while maintaining their grass. Always direct your grass cutting or weed removal away from the air conditioning unit. Another good step is to set the unit on a platform off the ground so there is less access to this debris.
  • Stacking things on the unit: People will sometimes leave their garden hose or hedge trimmers on top of the air conditioning unit without thinking. If the fan is on top of the unit, this can reduce airflow and the unit’s functioning. You may find the unit will overheat and stop working. Never consider it an available surface or workbench. If you notice your kids leave toys on top of it, discourage that habit immediately.
  • Overgrown plants: Shrubs can provide a good windbreaker for air conditioning units. They can also discourage people from getting close enough to them to stack objects on them or mow too close. However, if shrubs and other plant life near the unit are not maintained, they can add to the problems. Plant new shrubs far enough away so they are not dropping leaves into your air conditioning system. Keep current bushes trimmed and watch that they do not grow into the fan or coils.
  • Direct ground contact: Rather than build a stone base or even place the unit on a pallet until a more permanent solution presents itself, some people will place the unit directly on the ground. Always install a stone base with your air conditioning unit. It will keep it clean and level as well as provide a sturdy surface for technicians to work. The base can also prevent the other problems listed above.

For air conditioning repair in St. Louis, MO, as well as routine maintenance, call Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling. We offer rebates on high efficiency cooling system, as well as 24/7 emergency service.