HVAC Companies in St. Louis, MO Recommend Leaving the AC Turned on This Summer

There is debate among HVAC companies in St. Louis, MO and throughout the country regarding the best way to manage air conditioning. This is especially relevant to people who work all day and with no one home during that time. Many wonder if they will save on cooling costs if they keep their machine turned off. However, the efficiency of leaving a machine running versus shutting it down depends on climate and preferences. Here is why, in St. Louis, you should consider leaving the AC on even when you are gone.

Better efficiency

There are climates where shutting down the air conditioning is a prudent decision. Homes do not heat up as quickly, and once a resident turns on the air conditioning, the environment will cool down in a timely manner. If the home does not have indoor pets or sensitive equipment, there is no reason to keep the AC on in these climates when no one is inside.

However, in humid climates, like in the Midwest, this does not work as well. Even shaded homes will heat up quickly and the moisture in the air will make it more unbearable. If you shut down the AC while going to work or taking a vacation, your HVAC will have to work harder to cool the atmosphere when you are desperately needing that. Also, your pets will be miserable without the air conditioning at least running on a low setting.

Best AC practices

There are still ways to control cooling costs even when you leave your AC on. For one, purchase a programmable thermostat. You can set it to maintain a higher temperature when you are gone and then lower that later so you will arrive home to a cooler house. Also, keep any thermostat away from anything that produces heat, like lamps, TVs, computers and ovens. That will compel them to overwork themselves and show the evidence in your next utility bill.

Never forget regular maintenance. Changing out filters regularly and cleaning the unit will help it run better. If you have ducts, arrange for those to be cleaned regularly, as well.

Ceiling fans partner with air conditioning very well by keeping airflow going. This will help keep your home cooler so your HVAC does not have to work as hard. They also reduce humidity for a much more comfortable environment. Many people also enjoy the sound and appearance of ceiling fans.

Finally, if you have any control over the matter, install your outdoor AC units in the shade. Just as you want to keep thermostats away from heat sources, you need to do the same with the main unit. Otherwise, it will be under the impression that your home is warmer than it is in reality. If you do not have much choice in the unit’s location, hire a contractor to build a shade over it.

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