Don’t Wait to Schedule Yearly Air Conditioning Service in St. Louis, MO

With temperatures dipping down into the low teens, it seems like we may never need to turn on our air conditioners ever again. Fortunately, that’s not true! This spring and summer will be here soon enough, and that means we’ll need to kick on our ACs to keep our homes cool. As vigilant homeowners know, yearly air conditioning service in St. Louis, MO is a must if you want a well-functioning system throughout the sweltering summer months. Here are some benefits of securing this service:

  • Prevent repairs: AC unit repairs can be very expensive. New parts can cost a pretty penny, especially if they have to be custom ordered by the shop. On top of that, labor fees can be high if the repair takes a while to complete. The best way to save money on those repairs is to ensure they don’t need to be made in the first place! A yearly checkup from one of our professionals is inexpensive compared to the cost of hiring a repairman.
  • Increase lifespan: Did you know that if you properly maintain your AC system, you can expect the unit to last 15 to 20 years? Without proper maintenance, that lifespan can be cut in half. It’s just like a car: the better you take care of it, the better (and longer) it will run. Replacing a new AC unit can be pretty costly, so save yourself the trouble and expense of buying a new unit by maintaining the one you already have.
  • Save money on your electric bill: An air conditioning unit that hasn’t been maintained properly will eventually start to lose efficiency. Slowly but surely, your unit will have to work a little bit harder and longer to put out the same amount of cool, refreshing air. The longer your unit is running, the more electricity it’s going to use, steadily increasing your electric bill each month. A technician performing annual air conditioning service in St. Louis, MO will lubricate and clean all of the necessary parts of your unit to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible all summer long!

While you probably aren’t thinking too much about your air conditioner right now, there are actually some good reasons to get your AC checked out well in advance of needing to turn it on again:

  • Get speedy service: Since the temperature doesn’t even seem close to feeling like spring or summer, most people haven’t scheduled AC service yet. Because of this, our technicians have more time to fit in an AC service call right now than they will in the spring. As the summer gets closer and closer, we get more and more calls for scheduled maintenance and repairs. We’re able to service air conditioners all year long, so we recommend calling us during the cooler months before our schedule starts to fill up.
  • Know who you’re working with: There are plenty of quality AC repairmen, but there are also a handful of less reputable companies out there who are willing to take your money but not properly service your unit. If you schedule yearly air conditioning service in St. Louis, MO, you’ll be working with the same quality company year in and year out.

Don’t get caught in the heat next summer—call Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling today to schedule air conditioning service!