Common Furnace Problems in Winter

As the temperature plunges into the single digits and another winter swoops through the American Midwest, it’s time for our furnaces to earn their keep. After sitting dormant for months on end, however, your furnace may not be in the best condition. If your furnace is acting up on you, here are some common problems to look for. Some are minor, though some require heating repair in St. Louis, MO.

Clogged filters

As your furnace circulates air through your home, it also kicks up dust and microscopic particles. Fortunately, most furnaces push air through a filter or series of filters. When these filters become clogged, it can cause numerous problems. For example, your heater may only blow cold air. You may also experience increased wear and tear on your furnace as it works overtime to push warm air through your clogged filters.

A high-pitched squeal

If you turn on the furnace and notice a high-pitched whine or an unsettling squealing noise, you could have an issue with your blower belt. Sometimes, excessive use can cause the belt to slip off its mechanism, creating an unpleasant sound.

The wrong furnace

No homeowner wants to hear that they’ve had the wrong furnace installed in their home, but if you’re experiencing uneven airflow—i.e., one room is warm and toasty while another is frigid—you might have the wrong furnace in your home.

Scraping noise

One of the most commonly overlooked parts of a furnace is the ball bearings. These critically essential components wear down over time, gain texture and can brush against your heater, causing a scraping noise.

Carbon monoxide leaks

On a long enough timeline, furnaces—especially older models—can develop tiny cracks in their structure. These small fissures allow dangerous carbon monoxide to leak into your home. Make sure your home has a functioning carbon monoxide detector at all times, and if you notice a leak, make sure to get immediate heating repair in St. Louis, MO.

Excessive cycling

Are you noticing that your furnace is turning on and off more than it should? This issue, known as excessive cycling, is caused when there is a leak in your home or when something is blocking the flow of air through your vents.

Your go-to furnace pros

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