Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

For countless families across the United States, the furnace is the only thing keeping them from facing the harsh reality of a bone-chilling winter. You depend on your furnace to warm your entire house when the days turn short and the winds turn crisp. There’s nothing worse than reaching for your thermostat and switching it on only to find that your furnace is blowing cold air throughout the house.

If you find yourself with a furnace blowing cold air through your home, it could be something small, or you could require significant heating repair in St. Louis, MO. Here are some tips and pointers to help determine what may be wrong with your heater.

Check the fan setting

Before you jump to dire conclusions about the state of your furnace, check the basics. Every furnace has a fan that blows air through your home’s vents, and most heaters have a manual fan setting—you can find its location in your manual. If the fan setting is turned on, that means air is circulating through your home 24 hours a day, regardless of whether the furnace is currently operating or not.

The result is a steady current of air—sometimes cold, sometimes not—blowing through your home. To fix it, turn the fan setting to OFF or AUTO.

The pilot light is out

If you have an older model furnace, it’s possible that, over time, the pilot light has gone out. Start by turning your furnace off, then find your furnace’s pilot light assembly and reset it.

The assembly itself isn’t complicated. It’s a knob with three settings. The first thing to do is turn the knob to OFF. Then, wait at least three minutes. Next, turn the knob to PILOT and press down. Simultaneously hold a match or lighter up to the pilot opening. The pilot light should ignite once more in a bluish flame. Finally, turn the knob to ON.

If the pilot light continues to go out even after you’ve reignited it, you may need heating repair in St. Louis, MO.

Clogged filters

As your furnace circulates air through your home, it keeps that airflow clean by pushing the air through a filter. When that filter has been in use for too long, debris can accumulate, blocking the flow of warm air through your vents.

Turn your furnace off at the thermostat, then check the integrity of your unit’s air filter. It could be as simple as running to a hardware store and popping in a new screen.

St. Louis’s most trusted HVAC specialists

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