How to Keep Up with Residential Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Are you diligent about your residential preventative HVAC maintenance? A little effort can go a long way to extending the life of your system, creating more comfortable surroundings in your home and reducing the need for HVAC repair in St. Louis, MO.

What should you do to reap these benefits? Use the following checklist to guide your efforts. The right maintenance each season will have a huge impact on your system.

Professional Service

When was the last time you scheduled professional service by an HVAC company in St. Louis, MO? Partnering with these professionals is the best way to stay on top of your preventative maintenance tasks. An expert technician will ensure all systems are operating properly and are prepped for the season. Their maintenance will include inspection, cleaning and replacement of all parts necessary for optimal operation. Schedule a maintenance visit each spring and fall to avoid further HVAC repair in St. Louis, MO.

DIY Service

In addition to professional maintenance, homeowners can perform their own ongoing maintenance to avoid major HVAC repair in St. Louis, MO. For exterior unit maintenance, keep the air conditioner clear of any debris. Clean off any dirt, leaves and other items regularly. Trim plants at least three feet away from the unit. These efforts will help maintain proper airflow for the system.

To maintain your indoor systems, watch for any leaks in the ductwork or any drainage issues. Replace filters regularly. Check the filters each month and replace if dirty. Listen for any unusual noises when the system starts up. Be on alert for any abnormal odors as well. If you notice any of these red flags, contact a professional to inspect the issue further and make any necessary HVAC repair in St. Louis, MO.

More Efficient Service

For additional savings, homeowners can take steps to increase the efficiency of their HVAC system. These maintenance steps will help you save money on utility bills and repairs and enjoy a more comfortable home environment.

For cooling efficiency, use drapes or blinds to block sunlight during the warmest parts of the afternoon. Use ceiling fans to help keep rooms cool and reduce the need for air conditioning. Keep the home’s interior cooler by cooking outdoors. Additionally, make sure your attic is properly ventilated.

For heating efficiency, ensure the home is properly insulated throughout. Lock and properly seal all windows to keep warm air inside. Arrange furniture and area rugs so all heating vents are clear of obstruction. Lower the thermostat during sleeping or working hours. A programmable thermostat is a helpful tool to efficiently regulate the temperature in the home and reduce utility bills.

Protect Your System

No homeowner wants to spend more than is absolutely necessary on HVAC repair in St. Louis, MO. To keep your costs to a minimum, partner with the pros at Ashley Brothers Heating & Cooling. As your trusted local HVAC company in St. Louis, MO, we offer in-depth knowledge and experience to help you keep your system running smoothly year-round. Contact us today with any questions about maintenance, repairs or installations.